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    Ballet play for kids titled „Planet of secrets“

    Cascade terraces of Sava Promenada once again turned into a proper open-air scene! This time, the lovely ambience by the river acted as a perfect setting for the kids’ ballet play “Planet of secrets”, during which children enjoyed elegant moves of dancers from the National Theatre in Belgrade.

    Our youngest citizens were led through the fairy-tale performance by Verica Stanojevic, who played the Queen, Sonja Vratonjic as the Counselor, Milo Marijan as Prince, Dusanka Kalicanin presenting the Good force, Brankica Mandic as the Evil force and Milo Zivanovic, who took the character of the Wizard.

    This exciting story, directed by Sonja Vratonjic Krstic, was organized by the Savamala appreciation society, with the support of Belgrade Waterfront.