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    The Main Jury of the Art Competition “Become a Part of KvART” made a shortlist of submitted artworks. The design of these artworks is currently being harmonized with the locations on which they will be placed, and the winners will be announced soon.  

    Announced in April 2020, the competition has received an enthusiastic response of over 300 electronic applications for 21 locations within Belgrade Waterfront, from a wide range of local artists. After the preliminary selection from the Advisory Jury, consisting of Olivera Vukotić, art curator, Nikola Šuica, art historian and Aleksandra Lazar, art curator and consultant, all applications were additionally reviewed by the Main Jury comprising of art consultants and curator from Dubai, who choose 16 art pieces that would be produced and installed at 16 locations within Belgrade Waterfront. The selected artworks best reflect the aims of the competition and will provide the best value to the artistic and local community.

    Abstract of “Heart” by Jelena M. Stepanov, one of the artworks which will be produced

    After the preliminary consultations and based on the initial proposals, our teams of art consultants in Belgrade and Dubai have been closely liaising with the pre-selected artists. The main narratives for Galerija Belgrade are determined, while we are working together to develop the best ideas for the fullest visual impact. Together we are looking at the details, design, materials, technical and contextual specifications of each work in order to reach the best solutions.

    At this moment, the works are ongoing on the harmonizing of all the details, and on the contract signing with the artists as well. What makes us especially happy is the fact that a number of artists have already signed the contracts and that they are commencing to produce the sculptures. The sculptures will be installed in public realm through phases, respecting the deadlines for the completion of works at the selected locations.

    Water Talisman
    Detail of the artwork “Water Talisman” by Tatjana Jakovljevic, one of the sculptures that will be produced

    After announcing the list of selected artists, whose artworks will be made and installed at the planned locations, the names of the winners who will receive cash prizes, will also be announced. Although some deadlines of the competition had to be postponed due to pandemic, we are proud that we managed to successfully bring the project to the end. We are sure that once the sculptures are installed, fellow citizens and the visitors will be impresses with the great job that has been done.

    The whole process will be documented through photographs and video, and at the very end, the exhibition will be organized with all, over 300, submitted works, so that the public can learn more about this big project, unique in our country.


    Selected artworks were expected to respond to the BW vision, which was:

    • to show artistic excellence based on innovative creative concepts and expert use of contemporary materials and techniques, able to stand up well to national and international scrutiny;
    • to be envisioned for the specific places and locations, reflecting different aspects of Belgrade Waterfront and creating meaningful spaces in locations in which they were sited, showing wider understanding of Serbian cultural and natural heritage and enhancing the built environment;
    • to create a strong cultural identity and to add value to the vitality of the community by creating a sense of belonging and enhancing the quality of life for the residents and visitors such as increasing public access, creating new meeting places, and improving the quality of built environment;
    • to reflect a diverse range of locations, interests and cultures that coexist within Belgrade Waterfront, creating a highly contemporary urban space.