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    Belgrade in Sava Reflections

    A photo exhibition “Belgrade in Sava Reflections” was opened at the Sava Promenada, with five authors presenting their vision of Belgrade Waterfront and the new lifestyle it brings to Sava riverfront. The lenses of Aca Matic, Igor Milakov, Ivana Stevanovic, Mina Jevremovic and Milos Plazacic captured spectacular scenes that tribute to the aesthetics and style of one of Europe’s most exciting capitals.

    Their photographs seize the moments of strolling down the Belgrade streets, when they simply stand and think: „This moment is so beautiful, that I want to make it last forever“. They present the lights, corners and colours of our capital, reflected in the restless Sava River; those elements that make Belgrade Waterfront a great artistic inspiration, but also an everyday source of energy for walkers, early birds, night owls…