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Belgrade Waterfront Gallery

The Gallery was constructed between 1905 and 1907, following plans of two famous local architects Nikola Nestorović and Andra Stevanović. The Belgrade Cooperative building is located at 48 Karadjordjeva Street, and known as one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Serbia.

This angular three-winged palace built of reinforced concrete stylistically belongs to Baroque and Art Nouveau, portraying Serbian architecture. Even though it was the seat of several institutions over the years, this building remains known as “Geozavod” – the Institute of Geophysics.

Today, it is undergoing a complete reconstruction and renaissance, thus becoming a symbol of progress, a place where glorious past meets the future, while also being home to the Belgrade Waterfront Gallery. The Gallery is available for public viewing in a series exhibition spaces in small courtyards located at the rear of the Geozavod.

The historical building also has a café near the exhibition spaces, allowing visitors to appreciate the works of art whilst enjoying refreshments in a relaxing environment.

The Geozavod is one of Belgrade’s enduring cultural monuments, and its reconstruction will be the start of a personal journey in the midst of Belgrade’s new era!

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Belgrade Waterfront Gallery
Karadjordjeva 48
Belgrade, Serbia


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