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    Collective exhibition of sculptures “Flow”

    Visit the collective exhibition “Flow” in BW Experience space on the 2nd floor of Galerija and see the sculptures, objects and hitherto unexposed works on paper and wood of our famous sculptor and theorist Kosta Bogdanović. Along with Bogdanović, the exhibition also includes the works of his friend and colleague, a professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts Marko Vukša, as well as students Kristina Ivić, Pavle Radović and Mihailo Kovačević.

    “With the exhibition ’Flow’, we want to emphasize the universality and duration of an artistic idea that was visually realized in the opus of five sculptors, members of three different generations”, the art historian Marko Bogdanović, MA, stated.

    The exhibition is a part of the cultural and artistic initiative BW KvArt and will be open from July 20th until August 7th, 2021.