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    European Quadrille Dance Festival at Sava Promenada

    Once again, Sava Promenada, one of the most beautiful esplanades in Belgrade, gathered the graduates from Belgrade high schools to celebrate the end of the school year and welcome their first venture into adulthood by way of a traditional synchronised dance, choreographed to the Johann Strauss operetta Die Fledermaus.

    At high noon on 18th May, together with their Belgrade peers, thousands of graduates at 47 locations in Serbia took part in the ‘European Quadrille Dance Festival’, aimed at promoting tolerance, peace and friendship, as well as connecting young people across Europe. Following the official programme, the celebration continued with traditional Serbian dances that involved graduates, professors, parents and passers-by.

    The graduation dance has been held in Serbia since 2005, and this year, graduates in eight additional countries joined the festivities as well.