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    “Industry of Happiness”

    Artists of younger generation, Tara Rodic and Rade Tepavcevic, presented their artworks to Belgrade audience at BW Experience. At the joint exhibition named “Industry of Happiness”, organized within the cultural artistic initiative KVART Belgrade Waterfront and in partnership with STAB Gallery, authors showcased the paintings made as the critic of society.

    Visitors enjoyed the remarkable exhibition, aimed at interpreting the world we live in and indicating the biggest issues of today through artistic expression. Rade Tepavcevic, winner of several prizes in the area of fine arts, presented violence as one of the society’s problems in a unique way – giving the animals human traits, with short texts inspired by old sayings. Tara Rodic, a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, exhibited her paintings that deal with the spiritual state of society, with the goal to evoke people’s empathy and understanding.