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    International Dance Day Celebrated with a Ballet Performance

    On International Dance Day, celebrated on April 29th, the premiere of the ballet performance titled “La Vie Parisienne” was performed in BW Residences. Students of ballet schools from Rome, Milan, Belgrade and Pancevo performed the choreography of famous ballet dancer Sabrina Bosko from the Ballet Academy in Rome. The performance was headed by Ana Pavlović and Jovan Veselinović, ballet champions of the National theatre in Belgrade.

    “La Vie Parisienne” brought the energy, tradition and music typical for Paris, the City of Lights, while the youngest dancers, who followed their older colleagues in this spectacular performance, were especially noticed by the audience.

    The performance was realized under the new cultural-art initiative KVART Belgrade Waterfront, aimed at improving the Serbian contemporary art scene, and creating new opportunities and spaces for creative expression – through exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays, fashion shows, dance performances and other events.