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    New Year’s spectacle from Kula Belgrade

    A sensational pyrotechnic-laser show from Kula Belgrade, which is rarely seen, as well as the performances of the most popular local musicians Jelena Tomasevic, Zeljko Joksimovic and Marko Louis at Sava Promenada, marked the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade Waterfront, which once again confirmed its status as a world-class destination with the best New Year celebrations.

    After the grandiose countdown of the last moments of 2022 on the media façade of Kula Belgrade, the tallest building in Serbia and the region, there followed an impressive firework that created real New Year’s light magic on the sky above the Sava.

    For a total duration of 8 minutes, fireworks were fired from 20 floors of Kula Belgrade, from a total of 180 positions, as well as from 13 positions from the New Belgrade’s riverbank of Sava, in a length of 1 km, while the fairy tale scenes of the craziest night were perfectly completed by the unique firefalls from The Old Sava Bridge and Gazela, as well as the laser performance of several dozen lasers, state-of-the-art laser heads, beams and LED strobes that produced an astonishing 10,000 light effects.

    The music was composed especially for this occasion. In addition to the rhythms characteristic of Serbia, the melodies of France, Great Britain, China, Russia and Arab countries were woven into the music with which Belgrade congratulated New Year practically to the whole world and showed that it has always been a cosmopolitan city.