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Belgrade Waterfront takes urban renewal to new heights—a smart city for a future that combines commerce,culture and community.

Built around an iconic tower in the region, this monumental master-planned district will bring new life to an otherwise under-utilized site, and to the city as a whole. This lively mixed-use quarter, resting over the river, will bring further pride and passion to the city’s new heart.

Connected with the historic town by an efficient tram network, the new centre will become a hub for businesses of all kinds, with a focus on technology and design.

Belgrade Mall, the region’s largest, is a magnet for shopping, entertainment and tourism, while new performance venues cater to culture and the arts. Riverside restaurants and cafés keep the whole area buzzing day and night as locals and tourists stroll along the promenade—the natural destination for big public celebrations.

The mix of districts, medium and high-rise buildings, and extensive green spaces create a lively destination that will draw both new residents and international visitors.

Belgrade Waterfront – a truly mixed-use environment that will usher in a new era of prosperity for the Serbian capital.



In the heart of the site, Belgrade Park is a major landscaped green area offering a series of sheltered gardens within the city.

Inspired by the city’s existing public gardens, and borrowing from the character of London’s historic Georgian garden squares, Belgrade Park will be the green lungs of the development, as well as providing a place to relax, unwind and enjoy.

The old railway bridge across the River Sava will be refurbished. Highly inspired by New York’s famous High Line Park, this elevated pedestrian link will connect the project with Novi Belgrade and be an attraction in itself with dramatic lighting and spectacular views over the river.



Belgrade Waterfront’s residential components respect the city’s architectural heritage with a futuristic twist. Clean lines, simple forms and abundant glazing will contribute to a contemporary lifestyle. Outdoor spaces, such as balconies and shared rooftop gardens, create a distinctive southern European flavour.

Well-defined neighbourhoods will attract families with medium-to-large housing, while smaller units will draw younger professionals. Each will develop a strong identity and encourage a real sense of community. Luxurious properties will naturally take full advantage of the inspiring waterfront location.



An early key part of the development, Belgrade Mall will be the largest retail mall in the Balkans region and a major destination drawing visitors from all around the world.

This palatial retail space will offer the best international and local brands as well as outdoor cafés and restaurants that connect with the waterfront. A hotel, offices and a residential complex complete the experience and create a truly urban mixed-use development.

A hybrid collection of streets, squares and arcade retail will complement Belgrade Mall.

Those lifestyle offerings will focus on F&B, and boutique retail featuring prominent global and local brands, in addition to providing wider entertainment in more open settings that provide a visual counterpoint to the covered retail mall.

The 140,000 square meters shopping mall has a world-class eco-friendly design with covered arcades making maximum use of natural light and creating a street-like feeling.



Two office clusters ensure a truly mixed-use development, creating daytime activity as well as jobs. The first, along Savska Prospect, makes a natural transition from the city to the waterfront. The second cluster, next to the mall, has a business park feel that will attract professional and financial institutions.

The buildings along the main road will be mid-rise and more contextual in character; the business park offers greater density with high-rise buildings in a contemporary and modern style.



Belgrade is the only European capital that rests on two big rivers, Sava and Danube. With more than 200 kilometer long riverbanks and 16 river islands, Belgrade is a city where the saying “water is life” should be taken to the letter. With more than 5,700 homes in addition to an iconic mixed-use tower and world-class parks, hotels, entertainment venues and the biggest shopping-mall in central Europe, Belgrade Waterfront is the place where one’s unforgettable memories are brought to life: your baby’s first steps, your child’s first bicycle ride, the place where you meet your soul mate, or even where you were proposed to.

Stretching along the Sava River, the Sava promenade creates a lively and attractive destination for visitors and residents where people will enjoy walking, jogging or cycling on multiple walkways, including a water-level boardwalk.

Lined with restaurants, cafés and boutiques, the promenade bustles during working hours and weekends. In addition to the boardwalk and riverside plazas, there is ample docking space to expand the city’s famous nightclub barges – a major entertainment draw for nightlife lovers from all over Europe.

With Belgrade Waterfront’s development helping shine the light on city’s ample potential as an international vibrant hub, the new neighborhood will amplify the experience of living in Belgrade and give it a new taste and dimension.



Belgrade Waterfront creates a unique location in one of Europe’s rising capitals: a place where families flourish and businesses grow. It’s a gateway, through which visitors will discover a remarkable country.

The new face of the ancient city, the district links the historical and modern quarters with a modern centre of excellence that takes prosperity to new heights, for the benefit of Serbia and its citizens.


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