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    Photo exhibition “Belgrade Fairy Tale” in BW Experience

    An extraordinary photo exhibition “The Belgrade Fairy Tale” by Prince Mihajlo Karadjordjevic (Michael of Yugoslavia), has been presented in the BW Experience exhibition space as a part of the KVART Belgrade Waterfront cultural and artistic initiative. The exhibition was opened by Vittorio Sgarbi, a famous Italian art historian.

    “Belgrade Fairy Tale” is a modern fairy tale seen through the eyes of a prince. It is a story about beauty and love, one city and one woman. The story about the past and what could have happened. The story of impassable. Michael of Yugoslavia and Marija Djuric – prince artist and princess of the city, artist, painter… Each photo is one story, one captured moment, one artistic thought.

    KVART Belgrade Waterfront and the ŠTAB Gallery had the great honour of making this night as a real fairy tale by hosting princes and princesses, counties and other prominent members of the scientific and artistic milieu, including Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic, Prince Guglielmo Giovannelli Marconi, grandson of inventor of wireless telegraphy and Nobel Prize winner and his wife Princess Vittoria Giovannelli Marconi, Prince Maurizio Paterno di Montecupo, Princess Elena Von Hessen, Countess Januaria Piromallo, Princess Maria Gabriella Di Savoia, daughter of the last Italian King Umberto II, Fabiana Balestra, daughter of the famous Renato Balestra. The exhibition was also attended by Italian singer Marco Fasano, Italian actress Sabrina Colle, famous architect Klaus Dieter Rauenbusch and his wife Sabine Rauenbusch, pianist Gile Bae, Giovanni Stanislav Rondanini, Francesco Micheli, Madame Francois Gallimard et Comte, Groupe Madrigall, painter Cile Marinkovic with his wife, Toplica Spasojevic, Nenad Marjanovic and other prominent Serbian businessmen.