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    Maison Signature home decor at Belgrade Waterfront where you can find pieces of furniture and decorative details

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    Maison Signature

    Maison Signature home decor is an exclusive sales area where you can find pieces of furniture and decorative details in one place, designed to have a wonderful atmosphere for all your senses in your home or office.

    The individual approach to each client or customer means that the selection of assortment in the Maison Signature showroom, located in Belgrade Waterfront, satisfies the wishes of each of us regarding aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

    Maison Signature’s mission is to change how we choose furniture and home decor with its approach and selection by helping to choose designed pieces that initially have emotional, ethical and real value.

    The salon products at Maison Signature are designed to be timeless and durable, very high quality, and designed to suit the contemporary lifestyle that always stays in style. They are primarily functional, adaptable and unique.

    You can pick up each of the products in Mai immediately after purchase, according to the cash and carry principle, or order something from the catalogue with a minimum delivery time.

    Working Hours

    Tuesday - Friday: 12 PM to 8 PM
    Saturday - Sunday: 12 PM to 6 PM
    Monday: Non-working day

    Contact and Booking

    +381 66 5555 582


    Hercegovačka 19, Belgrade, Serbia



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