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    BW Aqua

    The best mix of entertainment and leisure at your doorstep

    Starting from 156,888 €

    Building info

    Parking lots
    BW Aqua has studios for investors, one and two-bedroom apartments ideal for starting family life, but also larger luxury living apartments.

    24/7 Security

    Accessible Garage

    Apartment Storage Space

    Near Kindergarten

    Precious moments by the water
    BW Aqua is a high-rise residential building located in close proximity to the Sava riverfront, as well as Belgrade and Bristol parks that feature a walking track, a cycling lane, and children’s playgrounds. Every apartment enhances natural light and brings fresh scents and sounds of nature and the river throughout the year – perfect for relaxation, dining, or even working from home.


    BW Aqua in Belgrade Waterfront


    Claim your dream home at the centre of everything.

    Payment plan

    10% 1st Installment Within 5 days as of the SPA notarization
    10% 2nd Installment – 15th May 2020
    15% 3rd Installment – 1st December 2020
    15% 4th Installment – 15th July 2021 Concrete structure up to 3rd floor of the tower in which apartment is located completed
    15% 5th Installment – 15th February 2022 Concrete structure up to 15th floor of the tower in which apartment is located completed
    15% 6th Installment – 15th October 2022 Glazing completed for the tower in which apartment is located
    20% 7th Installment – 1st March 2023 Technical inspection of the tower in which apartment is located completed
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    Instalments linked to the specific dates that have already occurred, or construction milestones that have already been completed, are due within 30 days from notarization of S&P agreement.

    Construction progress

    Construction in Belgrade Waterfront goes smoothly. We upload a new drone video every month so that you can follow up on our progress. Our work progress for the previous month.
    Look how far we’ve come.

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