We present you address of the best life sensations!

BW Sensa is a new building situated within Elements Complex at the Park District of Belgrade Waterfront, alongside the new street parallel to Savska Street. The building is positioned in the fourth row from the Sava river, comfortably hugged by the Sava Park, providing an extraordinary atmosphere for residents.

BW Sensa has everything you expect from living in a modern urban environment. BW Sensa is an absolute haven for anyone looking for the perfect combination of living and workspace. Due to the shape of the building reminiscent of the letter U, the inner courtyard becomes a small, quiet, and safe green oasis in the heart of BW Sensa. Proximity to the Sava Park gives plenty of relaxation and active life opportunities with a range of sports and recreational activities. At the same time, only a few minutes of walk from the building, there is a popular Sava Promenada, a perfect area for recreation and relaxation with family or friends by the river.

You will be surrounded by perfect conditions where your lifestyle finds its niche at any given moment!