”Slikati prirodom” (Painted by Nature) exhibit at gallery Progres

The opening of the exhibit marks the start of the KVART Belgrade Waterfront initiative

Belgrade 22/04/2019 – Large format painting exhibit ”Slikati prirodom” (Painted by Nature), by one of the most eminent contemporary Serbian authors, Professor Đorđe Stanojević, will be opened on Wednesday, April 24 at 8pm at Gallery PROGRESS, 27, Knez Mihailova street. The opening shall also mark the beginning of the new culture and art initiative KVART Belgrade Waterfront, the art segment of which shall be realized in collaboration with galleries Štab and Prozor.

The unique rapport between nature, art and man shown on the canvas depicts Stanojević’s decision – to create art in harmony with the life of nature.

‘’The process of creating a work of art is identifiable with the natural process, creating a completely new cultural model and it is identical to the natural process of the creation of life – it is unpredictable and comes as a consequence of great effort’’, the painter points out.

The exhibit of Professor Đorđe Stanojevć’s works is the first in a series of cultural events to be organized under the auspices of KVART Belgrade Waterfront.  It regards a new culture and art initiative that supports the development of domestic creativity and creative production. Other than art competitions, the program will entail cooperation with established artists and those on the rise as well. This will take form in art competitions, exhibits, sculpture displays, concerts, theater plays, fashion shows and workshops.

The goal of KVART Belgrade Waterfront is to support Serbian contemporary art scene but its also to create new opportunities and a space for creative expression. As one of the future bearers of creative energy in Belgrade, the program will gather painters, designers, musicians, actors, dancers and numerous other artists and innovators whose work will represent a synergy with the new city area on the bank of the Sava river.

The opening of the ”Slikati prirodom” (Painted by Nature) exhibit will be ornamented with the stylings of Nikola Kašaš, pianist, and our most famous jazz pianist Ivan Aleksijević. They will enhance the sophisticated atmosphere through the works of Sati, Debussy, Chopin but will also include the melodies of ethnic jazz and ambiance music. The exhibit will be open until May 14, and visitors will be able to view it every business day, on Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 6pm at the BW Experience in Gallery Progress, the new showroom of the Belgrade Waterfront company. This is where, throughout the year, numerous artistic and cultural events will be organized.

Come and help us create together the unique artistic experience of Belgrade!