Terms of processing of personal data


Beograd na vodi d.o.o. Beograd – Savski venac, a company with its registered seat in Belgrade, at
Karadjordjeva 48, ID number 21033391 (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) wishes, in its
capacity of a data controller, to process certain personal information. For that purpose, we are
providing to you the following notification in connection with the processing of your personal data
(hereinafter referred to as the “Data”) pursuant to Article 15 of the Personal Data Protection Act
(“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” nos. 97/2008, 104/2009, 68/2012 and 107/2012)
(hereinafter referred to as “PDPA“):

1.      Data Subject to Processing

The Company would collect from you and process the following personal data:

  • a) title, first name and last name;
  • b) email address;
  • c) mobile phone number;
  • d) nationality;
  • e) country of residence, and
  • f) preferred language of communication (Serbian and/or English).

2.      Purpose of Collection and Further Processing

The Company is planning the construction of residential units within the Belgrade Waterfront Project.

Your personal data specified under point 1. of this notification will be collected if you express the
interest to purchase a unit within the Belgrade Waterfront Project. The purpose of collecting your
personal data is to enable communication with you in relation to your interest and understanding of
your needs. Nationality is collected for the purpose of the market research and improvement of the
supply. Preferred language of communication is collected in order to define language of the

Your personal data will be used only for the aforementioned purpose unless fulfilling legal obligations
provided by law requires otherwise.

3.      Manner of Using the Data

The Company shall perform collection, recording, copying, searching, classification, storage,
separation, modification, use, disclosure, organizing, keeping, and adaptation of the collected data.

Personal data processing shall be conducted automatically, semi-automatic and/or manually.

4.      Information on Data Users

The Company will not provide your personal data from point 1. to other persons unless it is required by law.

5.      Mandatory Nature and Legal Ground for Data Processing

Data processing is legally grounded in your consent. Granting the consent for data gathering and
processing is voluntary.

The consent to data processing can be withdrawn at any moment. In case of such withdrawal, you
shall be obligated to reimburse the Company for all reasonable expenses and damage arising from the

6.      Your Rights in Case of Unlawful Data Processing

Processing shall not be allowed:

  • a) if a natural person did not give his/her consent to processing, i.e. if processing is carried out without legal authority;
  • b) if processing is done for purposes other than those specified, regardless whether it is based on a person’s consent or on statutory powers for data processing without consent;
  • c) if the purpose of processing is vaguely defined, modified, inadmissible or already achieved;
  • d) if the data subject is identified or identifiable even after the purpose of such processing is achieved;
  • e) if the processing method is inadmissible;
  • f) if the processed data is unnecessary or unsuitable for the processing purposes;
  • g) if the number or type of data processed is disproportionate taking into account the purpose of processing;
  • h) if the data are inaccurate and incomplete, i.e. if they are not based on a credible source or are outdated.

In accordance with PDPA and upon your request, you have the right to be informed regarding data
processing, the right to access the data referring to you as well as the right to request their copy. In
addition to aforementioned, you have right to request correction, modification, update or deletion of
the data, as well as to stay and suspend the processing.

You have the right to data deletion in the following cases:

  • a) if the purpose of processing is not clearly specified;
  • b) if the purpose of processing is changed, but the processing requirements for such changed purpose are not met;
  • c) if the purpose of processing has been achieved, i.e. if data is no longer needed for such purpose;
  • d) if data are processed by inadmissible means;
  • e) if data are such that their number or type is disproportionate to the purpose of processing;
  • f) if data are inaccurate and cannot be replaced with accurate ones by means of corrections;
  • g) if data are processed without consent or authority based on the law, as well as in other cases where processing is not allowed under PDPA.

You shall have the right to have data processing stayed or suspended if you have challenged the
correctness, completeness and accuracy of data, as well as the right to have such data labelled as
challenged pending a decision on their correctness, completeness and accuracy.

7.      Other Information Relevant for Processing of Your Data

Time Limit for Keeping and Processing Data

Your data shall be processed and kept for while there is the need, but no longer than 20 years.

Protective Measures

The Company will undertake appropriate organisational, technical and human resources measures in
order to protect your personal data in accordance with applicable laws related to personal data
protection as well as the standards in providing physical and electronic data security.

Your personal data shall be kept confidential. The access to such data shall be allowed only to persons
whose performance of duties in the Company requires such access and only to the extent required by
the scope of tasks they perform.


If you have questions or request regarding processing of your personal data our contact details are the following:

Beograd na vodi d.o.o.
Karadjordjeva 48
11000 Belgrade

Tel: 011 7 888 895
E-mail: info@eaglehills.com


I hereby confirm that I have read and understood this notification on personal data processing and by
signing my name hereunder I consent to the Company’s processing of my personal data in accordance
with this notification and applicable laws and regulations.