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    The anniversary of the birth of Mihajlo Pupin’s marked on Kula Belgrade

    The anniversary of the birth of Mihajlo Pupin’s, a Serbian scientist whose discoveries have changed the world, was marked with a spectacular projection on Kula Belgrade’s media facade, the tallest building in Serbia.

    Pupin is credited with numerous inventions, which opened up new frontiers for humanity, as the text on Kula also stressed. He is best known for the coils, with the invention of witch he succesfully solved the problem of wire long distance telegraph and telephone transmission over long distances.

    In addition to 34 patents, Pupin has published dozens of scientific essays, as well as an autobiography in English „From Pasture to Scientist“, for which he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It is interesting that a small crater on the Moon, as well as a planet discovered in 2001, were named after one of our greatest scientists.

    Kula Belgrade is known, among other things, for its modern media facade, which is an integral part of the building and on which significant dates and events are marked.