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    BW Simfonija

    The construction of two more residential buildings in Belgrade Waterfront commences

    Companies Roberts Construction and Millennium Team selected as main contractors for BW Simfonija 1 and 2 buildings

    By signing the construction contract, BW Simfonija 1 and 2 residential buildings get the main contractor today – the consortium of companies Roberts Construction and Millennium Team.

    BW Simfonija is a complex of two buildings of identical architectural expression, located in dynamic surroundings that abounds in restaurants, cafes and retail stores. BW Simfonija 1 overlooks the old town and Kalemegdan, while BW Simfonija 2 is oriented towards Bristol Park, overlooking the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. Apart from the fantastic views, the advantage that makes the residential buildings BW Simfonija 1 and 2 attractive is the top location and excellent connection with key points in the city. The proximity of schools, kindergarten, parks and one of the most beautiful city esplanades, Sava Promenada, will be important for families with children, and residents will also enjoy the benefits of a spacious inner courtyard.

    We are very pleased with the beginning of construction of two more buildings, as well as the fact that we continue our successful cooperation with the consortium of companies Roberts Construction and Millennium Team on another exciting project. To residents, BW Simfonija 1 and 2 offer the opportunity to dictate their own pace of life in the new city centre, in a well-connected, green environment. For us, these buildings represent the next step in creating the concept of a perfectly balanced lifestyle, by which Belgrade Waterfront is already recognizable”, said Nikola Nedeljkovic, General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront.

    Companies Roberts Construction and Millennium Team have a long-standing experience in designing, infrastructure, engineering and executing large construction projects around the world, and within the Belgrade Waterfront project, they are already engaged in the construction of BW Metropolitan residential building. “Roberts and Millennium are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Belgrade Waterfront on another project and thus expand our footprint in the Belgrade Waterfront development. BW Simfonija will be constructed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety, which our clients expect from all our projects. We look forward to working on this project and future opportunities in the Balkans”, said Graeme Robson, Chief Executive of Roberts Constructions.

     Simon Elleray Roberts i Nikola Nedeljkovic