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    The place where the festival everyone talks about happens: Bocelli and Mariza in Belgrade on the riverfront

    The „Belgrade River Fest“, where world renowned musicians will perform – the most beloved tenor Andrea Bocelli and the fado diva Mariza – will be held on July 22 and 23. Concerts of great music names will happen on the Geozavod plateau, on the Sava riverbank, in an open-air concert hall, built just for this occasion.

    The concert hall which will accommodate 3,500 visitors will be located near the river, on the area which is bordered by Hercegovacka Street and Sava Promenada, right behind the famous architectural beauty, the Geozavod building.  

    The audience arrive at the concert on a red carpet several tens of metres long, and the three entrances to the specially arranged festival area will be positioned in Hercegovacka Street.

    The exclusivity of the location will be further emphasized by the specially designed ambiance of the concert hall, which, in addition to the red carpet and seating platform that offers a VIP atmosphere to all visitors, will also be decorated with special light decorations and surprise performances before the beginning of the concert. All this, under the open sky, with a stage whose area is 400 square metres, will bring a special fashionable spirit to Belgrade.

    “Such a manifestation will make a big step ahead in the social life of Belgrade. The vision to present the big names of world music scene in an ambiance yet unseen, will undoubtfully position Belgrade high on the cultural map of the world”, points out Vuk Žugić, cultural ambassador of Belgrade River Fest.

    The production of the event will be at the highest level, and the complete sound system will arrive from abroad according to Andrea Bocelli’s rider list. Although exclusive and different, this event is open to all those interested, and the tickets for Andrea Bocelli and Mariza concerts are available at all Ticket Vision outlets and online at