4 reasons why you should visit Belgrade Waterfront this summer

4 reasons why you should visit Belgrade Waterfront this summer

If you are spending at least part of the summer in Belgrade or are planning to visit is as a tourist, the ideal destination for hot summer days is Belgrade Waterfront, a place where local authenticity meets world standards. The most modern district of the capital offers plenty of opportunities for a quality and fulfilling vacation in the city, whether you are looking for an escape from the heat in the shade of the Sava Park or in the air-conditioned space of Galerija, the largest shopping centre in Serbia and the region.

     1.Belgrade River Fest

The summer kicked off in a festival style.

We kicked off the summer in a festival style! This was due to the Belgrade River Fest, the most prestigious music event in Serbia, which took place for the third time in a unique open-air concert hall on the banks of the Sava. The festival is carefully building its image, bringing the biggest stars of the global music scene to the Serbian audience. This year was no different.

Beograd na vodi Alex Dmitrovic

The festival was inaugurated by the renowned Greek singer Antonis Remos. The favorite Greek among the Serbs created a spectacle on the plateau behind the Geozavod, with Mediterranean sounds and bouzouki, that thrilled the visitors. The enchanting atmosphere continued on the second night as the magical ambiance was filled with the voice of Nick Cave, the Australian rock icon. Accompanied by the piano and supported by Colin Greenwood, the bassist of the British band Radiohead, Cave took the audience on an emotional adventure.

When the summer starts with such masterful performers and a fantastic atmosphere if you believe that you know the day by the morning, you can expect nothing less than fun and enjoyment in Belgrade Waterfront until the end of the season.

     2.Open Air Cinema in front of Galerija

The unique open-air film festival takes place for the third time this summer in front of entrance 4 of Galerija. Surrender to the magic of cinematography every Friday and Saturday from 8:30 p.m. and watch, completely free of charge, unsurpassed classics as well as current domestic and international film hits under the starry sky.

BW Open Air Cinema

With your significant other enjoy romantic comedies such as “You’ve Got Mail” or “The Notebook”. Remember the legendary Serbian and Yugoslav films such as “Mi nismo anđeli”, “Balkan ekspres” or “Kako je propao rokenrol”. Under the sky, watch the films that filled cinemas months ago – the Oscar-winning “Oppenheimer”, Serbian movie delight “Za danas toliko” or “Što se bore misli moje”, this year’s Serbian Best International Feature Oscar nominee. Watch films outdoors until August 24, when the festival closes with a screen adaptation of Branko Ćopić’s literary classic “Orlovi rano lete”.

      3.Weekend Bazzar Fest

Perfect for family gatherings, a unique gastronomic festival, takes place during seven weekends a year, and this summer you will have the opportunity to visit it on July 6 and 7, and September 8 and 9. Entrance to the festival is free.

Weekend Bazzar Fest

In cooperation with Komuna Market, a large street market is organized on the plateau behind the Belgrade Cooperative, where local exhibitors present their products. For the youngest, there is a Children’s Zone with creative workshops, as well as performances on the terrace above the Sava in a unique theatre on the water.

After choosing your favourite tasty dishes in the Food zone, head to the lawns along the Sava Promenada, spread a blanket and enjoy a picnic, with a view of the river, unforgettable sunsets and the sounds of music played by famous bands and DJs.

     4.Enjoying the outdoors

Whether you are a fan of sports activities or a peaceful stay in nature, during the summer months you will easily find your place in Belgrade Waterfront. Sava Promenada, Belgrade’s most beautiful promenade, is the right destination for long walks by the river, rollerblading, cycling or scootering. Refresh yourself with summer cocktails, ice cream and light food in the restaurants and cafes lined up along the promenade, with an unforgettable view of Belgrade’s blue sky.

BW stari most

During the hottest months, the well-maintained lawns of Sava Park simply invite you to relax on them with your favorite book or music, and walking barefoot on the soft, trimmed grass is an excellent summer anti-stress therapy. If, on the other hand, you are more of a sporty type, there are sports fields, table tennis and a 700-metre long jogging track waiting for you here.

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