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Belgrade Waterfront is the first Serbian master-planned community, developed by Eagle Hills. Thanks to this development, the previously neglected riverside has been completely restored and the potential of this area has been fully utilized. In addition to new residential standards, the largest shopping mall in the region Galerija, and the highest building in the country Kula Belgrade, Belgrade Waterfront also brought new infrastructure and public spaces, such as Sava Promenada and Sava Park.

It is located in the centre of Belgrade, along the right riverbank of the Sava. Its borders are Savska Street from the south-east, Karadjordjeva Street from the north-east, the Belgrade Fair from the south-west and the Sava River from the north-west.

The total site area is one million square metres and the total gross construction area of the development is over 1.8 million square metres. Sava Promenada stretches along 1.8 km of the river shore, and the Sava Park covers an area of 2.7 ha.

The development includes residential buildings, world-class hotels, shopping mall Galerija, many F&B and retail outlets, office space, healthcare, kindergartens, in addition to semi-private courtyards, public parks with children’s and recreational facilities, and Sava Promenada, city esplanade along the riverbank. It also features Kula Belgrade, the highest building in the country.

The first step is to register your interest either by filling a registration form, calling BW Contact Centre on +381 11 788 8888 or toll-free number 0800 300 888, or visiting BW Sales Centres in Karadjordjeva 48 and at Sava Promenada. Property Advisor will present you with the residential offer. Once you have selected the property you would like to purchase, you pay a reservation fee, and the apartment is booked for you. Within 10 days upon making the reservation, you sign the Sales Purchase Agreement in front of the public notary.

The launch day of a new building is the best moment to buy a Belgrade Waterfront apartment, as the selection is the best and the paying terms are the most favorable. Take a look at our available properties and choose a new home for you.

After making the down payment, the installments are settling at regular intervals that match the milestones in the construction progress of the building. Check our full guide – How to buy a property in Belgrade Waterfront.

VAT for newly built apartments is 10%, but this amount is already included in the final price of the apartment.

There are housing loans created exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront, for the apartments in an early construction phase, starting from as little as EUR 499 per month. Find more about housing loans in the early construction stage.

After the building in which you have bought the apartment is completed, it passes a final technical acceptance, and you pay the last installment. That is when Belgrade Waterfront officially hands over the apartment to you and you are free to move into your new home.

Investment in Serbia is a good environment for investing in property. Citizens of the most countries can purchase an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront. The exception are citizens of few countries with which Serbia does not have interstate reciprocity.

The only difference is that foreign residents are not eligible for return of VAT.

Residential offer of Belgrade Waterfront is intended for individuals and families who aspire to live in a contemporary neighborhood where everything is at their fingertips, as well as the people who want to make a smart investment. It is also a top destination for all visitors, both fellow citizens and foreign tourists.

The residential offer of Belgrade Waterfront is diverse in terms of size, structure, and price per square metre. Many apartments can be purchased for the same price as in other, less attractive parts of the city.

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