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    Food & Beverage

    La Casa de Caffe

    Some places exude a special atmosphere, energy, and warmth. Places where we are always greeted by a sincere smile and where we recognize passion, dedication, and taste in every detail. We love them and we come back to them because they make us feel comfortable and completely free.

    Welcome to La Casa de Caffe, our home where a unique selection of top-quality coffee from all over the world awaits you every day. Also an exclusive selection of wines from the best plantations from around the world, as well as an exclusive offer of distillates. You will enjoy small rituals, a combination of fresh and exotic flavors, and a unique ambiance in one of the most exciting parts of the city.

    Working Hours

    08-23 every day

    Contact and Booking

    +381607221727, +38166004566


    Bulevar Vudroa Vilsona 8, bol 12.



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