The Exhibition of Cyrillic Letters

The Exhibition of Cyrillic Letters

The exhibition „Cyrillic – 30 pedestals for 30 letters“ was opened on Sava Promenada. The citizens will be able to visit it until March 14th.

For the purpose of this exhibition, which stretches along the Sava Promenade, the constitutional Serbo-Slavic script „Monah“ was used, created by engineer Zoran Kostic, in cooperation with Dimitrije Stefanovic, Djordje Trifonovic and Viktor Savic from the Old Slavic Department of the Institute for the Serbian Language at SANU.

Event date

20. February 2024. 10:00:00 - 14. March 2024. 22:00:00


Sava Promenada, Sava Promenada, Београд, Србија.

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