Yoga and pilates public class

Yoga and pilates public class

Public class of the holistic program of yoga and pilates will be held on Saturday, September 4th, from 6 to 8 pm on the Sava Promenada.

With the use of scents and essential oils, exercisers will have the opportunity to discover relaxation techniques that can help cope with stress daily. The exercises will be performed on a terrace in front of Savanova for two hours. Pilates exercises will be held for the first 60 minutes, while the next hour is reserved for yoga.

The organizer provided mats, pillows, exercise blankets, and drinking water. All exercisers who prefer to exercise on their mats can take them, while the organizer states that comfortable shoes and clothes, a towel, and a good mood are needed for the class. The price of an hour is 1,200 dinars, and payments will be made on the spot.

The holistic program encompasses a culture of living with guidelines for a healthy lifestyle, along with the promotion of health and beauty. The focus is on how to approach yourself, how to improve posture, strengthen muscles, and tone the body.

Event date

4. September 2021. 18:00:00 - 4. September 2021. 20:00:00


Sava promenada, Sava promenada, Karađorđeva, Belgrade, Serbia.

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