Belgrade Liberation Day marked by a projection on Kula

Belgrade Liberation Day marked by a projection on Kula

One of the most significant dates in the modern history of the Serbian capital, Liberation Day in World War II, was marked with a visual projection on the media facade of Kula Belgrade.

The Belgrade operation, one of the key battles in the Balkans during WWII, which ended 1,287-day Nazi occupation of our capital, ended on October 20th, 1944. During the military operation that lasted from October 12th to 20th, 1944, the joint units of the Red Army and the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia inflicted a heavy defeat on the German troops and liberated Belgrade.

In addition to becoming a new symbol of our capital, Kula Belgrade is also known, among other things, for its modern media facade, which forms an integral part of the building and on which significant dates and events are marked in an innovative way.

A projection in honor of the first printed book, Gutenberg’s Bible, as well as the upcoming Book Fair, which has been one of the most important cultural events in Belgrade for decades, is planned for October 22nd.

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