Belgrade Waterfront Launches ‘I Have a Solution for a Smarter City’ Contest

Belgrade Waterfront Launches ‘I Have a Solution for a Smarter City’ Contest

  • Individuals and teams of up to three members are invited to apply and propose an innovative solution for a particular function, service, or product aimed at making the urban environment more convenient for everyday life
  • Prize pool of 10,000 Euros for three winning ideas and an additional 25,000 Euros for implementation or further development
  • Application deadline is 25 November 2018

Belgrade Waterfront has announced the launch of ‘I Have a Solution For a Smarter City’ contest, which aims to establish the most innovative smart city ideas, with the best ones to be implemented in Serbia for the first time. The prize pool of 10,000 Euros will be divided between the best three individuals or teams, and a further 25,000 Euros will be dedicated to the implementation of the winning ideas or their further development.

Individuals and teams composed of up to three members are invited to apply for the ‘I Have a Solution for a Smarter City’ contest and propose innovative solutions for a particular function, service, or product in order to create a smart city. The project aims to strengthen the local start up community by supporting the development and realisation of their ideas.

The concept of the contest is to find solutions for the modernisation of urban environments, as well make urban living more convenient for everyday life. The contest maps key problematic points in everyday operations, develops ideas to solve those using new technologies, and supports the implementation of those ideas in the country.

During the contest’s presentation in the ICT Hub premises, Marko Mudrinic, Director and Founder of business and technological media Netokracija, a professional media partner of the project, expressed gratitude that such a competition is being organised in Serbia.

Mudrinic said: “This competition was inspired by a need for specific actions. Smart cities and the use of digital communication technologies to facilitate the lives of residents are common in developed cities across Europe and the world. Such initiatives are a great indicator of the desire to implement ideas that can raise the standard of living and facilitate the daily lives of citizens and those of our neighbours.”

Applications for the competition open today and may be completed by filling in the online form at The deadline for applying is 25 November 2018. The Centre for Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation ICT Hub will be responsible for the implementation of the competition, which includes the selection of 10 applications that best meet the criteria, the preparation of the participants for their presentations during the final event, and the formation of the jury.

Once the applications are received, the initial selection committee, comprising experts from the ICT Hub network, will review and evaluate all applications and select the top 10. The selected participants will then go through mentoring workshops and present their projects before the jury at the final event where the winners will be announced. The individual or team that wins the first place will receive a prize of 5,000 Euros, while the second and third places will receive awards of 3,000 and 2,000 Euros respectively.

Belgrade Waterfront invites everyone with an idea to improve everyday life in cities to apply for the competition, compete for valuable prizes, support sustainable growth and actively contribute to a better future.


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