Belgrade Waterfront presents BW QuartetNew building within Park District offers everything you want close to your home

Belgrade Waterfront presents BW QuartetNew building within Park District offers everything you want close to your home

Belgrade, September 11th 2020 – The launch of the new building within Belgrade Waterfront, BW Quartet, is scheduled for Friday, September 18th in BW Sales Centre on Sava Promenada. The 17th residential building in Belgrade Waterfront is located in the Park District, recognizable by the greenery of the Sava Park, while it is oriented towards Savska Street and The Palace of Justice on the other side.

Park District, located in the eastern part of Belgrade Waterfront, stands out due to the biggest green area compared to other districts. This space is primarily designed as a family environment in which access to the Sava Park provides countless opportunities to lead an active and healthy life to its residents.

For those who imagine life in a peaceful urban environment, but at the same time in the business quart of the city, BW Quartet is a space where every day will seem longer. In just one day, they will do the morning jogging, go to the nearby office, and when they return home, they and their loved ones will enjoy the natural surroundings and the amenities of the Sava Park or the inner courtyard. Living in the residential building BW Quartet means that there are no more basketball or cinema cancelations, because now all recreational and entertainment facilities are just a few steps away from your home.

You can find an ideal home within BW Quartet, in one of 232 one-bedroom to four-bedroom modern residential units. Terraces and wide windows, in addition to the abundance of natural light, bring a perfect end to the day, with a view of the city skyline, giving the special charm to the first morning cofee in the soothing ambiance of the Sava Park.

The fact that we are releasing the 17th building within the project shows that we are already realizing the vision of creating the perfect place for all life roles – business, social, recreational and family. At the same time, we are guided by the idea of providing our residents, present and future alike, with security when it comes to their investment in new home in the best location in the city, and BW Quartet is one more opportunity to do so“, says Nikola Nedeljkovic, General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront.

Apart from the benefits provided by the presence of greenery in the urban surroundings, the advantage that makes BW Quartet attractive is that Kula Belgrade, the future capital’s landmark, and Galerija Belgrade, the largest shopping, gastro and entertainment destination in the region that opens soon, will be only two minutes walk.

The launch of BW Quartet is an ideal moment for all those interested to visit BW Sales Centre at Sava Promenada or to register their interest at, because the best selection of the apartments and the most favourable conditions will be available on that day.

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