Pedestrian selfie bridge in front of Kula Belgrade

Pedestrian selfie bridge in front of Kula Belgrade

The selfie bridge on the Sava Promenada in front of Kula Belgrade is a new city attraction. This panoramic pedestrian bridge is connected with the riverbank at only two points, so thanks to the fact that there are no pillars in the water, it seems as if it is floating above the Sava.

Selfie most & Sava

Visitors are particulary interested in the glass part of the bottom of the bridge, as they can see the river flowing below it. In addition to the views of the skyline of New Belgrade and Belgrade Waterfront, the view of the impressive Kula Belgrade is particularly attractive. At the same time, this is an ideal place to take photos with the tallest building in the country. A bicycle path passes under the bridge.

The new pedestrian bridge is 140-metre long, whereas the length of the steel part is 116 metres, while each of two concrete access parts is 15-metre long.

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