The Park in Zarkovo renovated with a donation of Belgrade Waterfront

The Park in Zarkovo renovated with a donation of Belgrade Waterfront

The park in Zarkovo, in Milana Jovanovica Street, has been completely renovated thanks to a donation from the company Belgrade Watrerfront. As part of the reconstruction, a new basketball court was built, and the children’s playground got new seesaws, swings and slides. In addition, the residents of Zarkovo will have the place to socialize and relax in the greenery of the new park.

On the occasion of opening the park, Aleksandar Trifunovic, deputy General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront, pointed out that the mission of the company is to create exceptional public spaces and to raise the quality of life of all fellow citizens.

„We pay great attention to arranging, renovating and greening public spaces. Thus, fellow citizens and all visitors to our city can enjoy the reconstructed Sava Square, but also completely new public realm along the riverbank, such as the Sava Promenada or the Sava Park. The playground in Zarkovo was reconstructed with a donation of Belgrade Waterfront, so that children and young people can have a safe and functional place to play, and all fellow citizens a corner where they can relax and socialize in an attractive environment“, said Trifunovic.

He added that Belgrade Waterfront has significantly improved life in the capital and initiated numerous projects in the city. The relocation of railway traffic from the centre created conditions for direct access to the river and for the construction of the Line Park. The facades of buildings in the vicinity of Belgrade Waterfront have been reconstructed, new roads have been built, the level of the embankment has been raised, and the relocation of heavy traffic from this part of the city has significantly improved the ecological situation in the central city zone. Renovation of the park in Zarkovo is another step of Belgrade Waterfront towards creating a more beautiful and functional urban surroundings.

According to Trifunovic, Belgrade Waterfront itself constantly gets greener, so tree lines will be planted along the new streets, numerous seedling will be planted at the foot of Kula Belgrade, and the reconstruction of the Bristol Park is planned.

The President of the City Municipality of Cukarica Srdjan Kolaric thanked Belgrade Waterfront for the donation and added that the youngest fellow citizens are the ones to whom we are leaving new, more modern Belgrade.

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