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    BW Simfonija

    Enjoy the rhythm of your new neighborhood

    Starting from 278.888 €

    Building info

    Parking lots
    Within a wider context of the Belgrade Waterfront, residents can enjoy a green environment with landscaped communal spaces between buildings building.

    Apartment Storage Space

    Waterfront location

    Panoramic views

    Playground for Children

    Near Markets

    Near Park

    Two towers composition
    BW Simfonija comprises two towers that share the same architectural language. Simfonija 1 is a 15-storey structure, oriented in the E-W direction, providing a view over the Belgrade fortress, Bristol Park, Sava river and the confluence. Simfonija 2 is predominantly oriented in the NW-SE direction, with a view over the river Sava, Kula Belgrade, and Bristol Park. Located in dynamic surroundings full of restaurants, cafes and retail. The vicinity of school, kindergarten and parks is a great advantage for families with children. Apartments are bathed in natural light and offer fantastic views of Sava, Kalemegdan, Bristol park, city skyline and Kula Belgrade.


    BW Simfonija in Belgrade Waterfront


    Claim your dream home at the centre of everything.

    Payment plan

    10% 1st Installment Within 5 days as of the SPA notarization
    10% 2nd Installment – 15th March 2020
    15% 3rd Installment – 15th September 2020
    15% 4th Installment – 15th April 2021 Concrete structure up to 3rd floor of the tower in which apartment is located completed
    15% 5th Installment – 15th October 2021 Concrete structure up to 13th floor of the tower in which apartment is located completed
    15% 6th Installment – 15th April 2022 Glazing completed for the tower in which apartment is located
    20% 7th Installment – 30th October 2022 Technical inspection of the tower in which apartment is located completed
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    Instalments linked to the specific dates that have already occurred, or construction milestones that have already been completed, are due within 30 days from notarization of S&P agreement.

    Construction progress

    Construction in Belgrade Waterfront goes smoothly. We upload a new drone video every month so that you can follow up on our progress for the previous month.
    Look how far we’ve come.

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