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BW Terraces

Built for the future, inspired by the legend

Starting from 252,888 €

Building info

Parking lots
Each feature of this building is carefully designed to provide ease of life – an indoor pool and gym with glass walls, a yoga area and a river boat dock right in front of the entrance.

Apartment Storage Space

Gym and Yoga



Riverside Access

The art of living
Located in the first row of buildings from the riverfront, with a landscaped space in front to ensure privacy, BW Terraces features spacious panoramic balconies for each apartment, with the most stunning, uninterrupted views of the Sava River. The inspiration for such a building was a legend, the Neo-Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II, who built a grand palace known as The Marvel of Mankind for his wife, Queen Amytis.


BW Terraces in Belgrade Waterfront


Claim your dream home at the centre of everything.

Payment plan

10% 1st Installment Within 5 days as of the SPA notarization
10% 2nd Installment – 1st February 2020
15% 3rd Installment – 15th June 2020
15% 4th Installment – 15th November 2020 Concrete structure up to 5th floor of the building completed
15% 5th Installment – 15th June 2021 Concrete structure of the building completed
15% 6th Installment – 15th November 2021 Glazing completed
20% 7th Installment – 30th April 2022 Technical inspection of the building completed
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Instalments linked to the specific dates that have already occurred, or construction milestones that have already been completed, are due within 30 days from notarization of S&P agreement.

Construction progress

Construction in Belgrade Waterfront goes smoothly. We upload a new drone video every month so that you can follow up on our progress. Our work progress for the previous month.
Look how far we’ve come.

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