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    Run, jump, kick – The little school of sports in the park

    The little school of sports “Run, jump, kick!” is the first in a series of sports and fun activities for young children in the newly opened park within the Belgrade Waterfront.

    In the new park, kids had an opportunity to have fun with various types of games: bag jumping, tug-of-war, carrying the ball over their heads…
    The multifunctional sports field, large children’s playground and lush greenery was a perfect setting for a basketball school, where kids, under the guidance of professional coaches, could learn basic basketball techniques. On the walking and jogging track, divided into groups, children had a chance to race with their friends. And within the cross race, the program was accompanied by musical dance choreography. The “fight” of the little ones against the big ones, in games of skill, gave parents the opportunity to compete with their kids.

    Aiming to provide residents and fellow citizens with the opportunity to enjoy sports and physical activities near the river, Belgrade Waterfront has created the park – a space that offers a range of opportunities of healthy living of the whole family.