Casual chic, aristocratic elegance and femininity all combine in the timeless world of Jalizé In 2018, Jalizé embarked on its journey, an enterprise that would soon take the fashion world by storm. Founded in Switzerland, Jalizé quickly found its place within the Serbian fashion landscape and beyond. Yet, Jalizé is much more than a brand; it represents a creative expression of femininity, innovation, and boundless inspiration. The unique collections of Jalizé combine luxury and craftsmanship with innovative design. Brand founder and Creative Director Alisa aims to captivate with her designs, placing a clear emphasis on femininity that the wearer can absolutely rely on. Each piece is an ode to women, artfully highlighting every figure with sensuality. With each collection she designs, she delves deeper into a sensitive sensory journey of artistic expression. Each creation is inspired by the memory of her mother, who embodies the personality of the Jalizé woman: beautiful, feminine, and with Mediterranean charm. The vision of Jalizé is to create an extraordinary space that embodies the highest level of luxury, elegance, and sophistication. The store is synonymous with exclusivity, quality, and unparalleled style. It is a place of experience and inspiration for those seeking the extraordinary. The store not only offers Jalizé products but also a carefully curated selection of items from the most creative designers, representing not only luxury but also craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless beauty. The Jalizé store is not just a place to purchase products; it is a world of style and elegance. The goal is to exceed the expectations of discerning customers and create a place where luxury becomes a vibrant reality.



monday-friday: 10:00 - 20:00


069 753 557


19, Херцеговачка, Београд, Србија.






Jalizé concept store, Jalizé concept store, Херцеговачка, Београд, Србија

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