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    Andjelka Prpic Takes a Peek Inside a Three-bedroom Apartment in BW Residences

    Actress Andjelka Prpic spent some time with the fans at Belgrade Waterfront promotional stand in Usce Shopping Centre.

    Cheerful actress was signing autographs and taking photos with visitors, and responded to their questions. She took the advantage of being at BW stand and tried on Virtual Reality headset which allowed her to take a tour of one of the apartments in BW Residences’ Tower A, which is currently under construction.

    „Virtual Reality allowed me to walk through the living room and bedroom, and take a peek inside the kitchen and bathroom. The experience was amazing. It was almost like I climbed to the fifth floor of BW Residences and walked straight into someone’s living room. I like the layout and the general atmosphere of the apartment. The large cascade terrace with an amazing view to Sava River is very attractive. I can imagine myself and my family living in such apartment“, said Andjelka after the unusual experience.

    The BW stand at Usce Shopping Centre is open for everyone who wants to take a tour of BW Residences’ apartments with the help of VR headset and experience the benefits of living in the new residential complex situated in the new city hub at the riverfront.