Three things to consider when buying an family apartment

Three things to consider when buying an family apartment

Buying an apartment for a family is one of life’s major decisions and requires careful consideration, especially in big cities like Belgrade. Your own „four walls“ should provide you with comfort and safety, but also that the nearby amenities satisfy the different needs of all members. It is generally considered that a school and kindergarten are nearby, and that there are parks and recerational venues in the neighborhood, and good traffic connections with rest of the city are equally important, so that precious time is not wasted in transportation.

BW Quartet living room

When everything is summed up, these are the three main factors to be taken into account, and all three are fulfilled by the apartments in the BW Quartet complex within Belgrade Waterfront, which will be ready for moving in already in the summer.

1. Location

Living near modern schools and kindergartens allows you to provide children with qualiy education and earlier independence. The BW Quartet buildings are located in the immediate vicinity of the educational campus whose construction will start soon in the back of Sava Square, in the area behind the former Main Railway Station (future History Museum of Serbia) and the Old Post Office, which will house an interactive children’s museum and theatre scene. The campus includes a modern public kindergarten and a state-of-the-art elementary scool with bilingual teaching and spacious sports courts. It means that in just few minutes of easy walking you will be able to leave the little ones in the safe hands of the educators, and when they grow up a little, already in the lower grades, they can go to school alone or with friends from the neighborhood.

BW neighbourhood

Another great advantage of this location is the exceptional traffic connection with the rest of Belgrade. The BW Quartet complex is located between Savska and the future Luka Celovic Trebinjac Street, which will run parallel to Sava Park. Due to its strategically important location, from any of the four BW Quartet buildings you can easily reach both the metro station near Lozionica and the one on Sava Square, where the first two underground lines will intersect.

Belgrade Sava square reconstrucion

However, you can get everywhere very quickly by car. Regardless of whether you are headed for the highway, the airport or the business part of New Belgrade, you will reach your destination in a short time, thanks to the network of new roads, the length of which will total 14 km by the end of construction of Belgrade Waterfront.

2. Living space

A well-designed apartment with efficiently used space and a practical layout contributes to comfort and functionality. Apartments in BW Quartet are also the right choice for families, because they have a competitive price both in comparison to other new building in Belgrade and in comparison to everything that comes „in a package“. For instance, a top quality 89 sqm two-bedroom apartment in BW Quartet 1 costs EUR 299,898 (VAT exculded).

BW Quartet lobby

This building, like all others in the quarter, has parking and a reception with concierge and 24/7 security. It means you can let others handle things like buying theatre tickets, scheduling a doctor appointment and transfering to the airport, while you have more free time. The receptionist will receive the package and welcome your schoolchild from school with the key if you are not at home.

3. Nearby amenities

When you have children, it is a big advantage to have nearby amenities which allow you to quickly do everday things like grocery, but also to spend quality free time. Consider amenities such as parks, gyms, swimming pools, cultural institutions, promenade… Due to its unique location, BW Quartet is close to everything you need for a fulfilled life in the city centre.  

The Sava Park with its abundance of greenery offers numerous outdoor sports and recreational faciliies for the whole family. It is up to you to choose whether you want to play basketball, football, table tennis or you will jog every morning before work on the 700-metre-long track around the park. When you want to take a long walk or ride a bicycle, the most beautiful and favorite esplanade in Belgrade – Sava Promenada – is in your neigborhood. Just a few steps from the building entrance, there is Galerija, the largest shopping, entertainemnt and gastronomic destination in Southeast Europe, where you will find not only the largest selection of the most popular local and international brands, but also the best restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, art galleries, the largest amusement park in Serbia and the most modern Cineplexx cinema with IMAX technology.

BW Quartet bedroom

It is up to you to ask yourself exactly what you want from your new apartment and what your family’s specific needs are, and then make the best decision based on that. Keep in mind that there are not many new buildings on the real estate market like the BW Quartet, where such lifestyle, construction quality and prime location meet. It is time to enjoy the quality of life you deserve and feel the spirit of the old in the centre of the new city!

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