Do you know where The Brussels Street is located in Belgrade?

Do you know where The Brussels Street is located in Belgrade?

From the moment of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the then Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Belgium in 1886, until today, historical trends have often connected Belgrade and Brussels with fateful threads. However, in the relations between the two European capital cities, until recently, there was a kind of imbalancethat was finally corrected, after so many years, only with the construction of Belgrade Waterfront.

The Brussels Street in Belgrade Waterfront

Rue de Belgrade or Belgrade Street has long been one of the thoroughfares in Brussels, which only got its own street at the end of 2020, thanks to Belgrade Waterfront, as part of this multiple-award winning project on the right bank of the Sava.

Brussels Street stretches from Woodrow Wilson Boulevard to Sava Promenada and is situated between The Queen Draga Obrenovic Street and Duke Djordje Stratimirovic Street. Its semicircular ends are decorated with planters with seasonal flowers that change several times a year, and it can be accessed by vehicle in both directions only from Hercegovacka Street, which it intersects.

Children's playground at Belgrade Waterfront

Thanks to the greenery along the dividing island, as well as between the sidewalks and the buildings, the street has a special aesthetic stamp and is, not without reason, one of the most beautiful on the Sava riverfront. Birch trees create a pleasant shade next to the BW Vista building, and vegetation of different heights forms a lovely garden in front of the BW Terraces. There is also a children’s playground in its embrace, specific for the equipment the youngest made of real wood.

Hedonists’ heaven

Residents of nearby buildings in Brussels Street are within easy reach of a pharmacy, insurance company, a real estate agency, a dry cleaner, an exchange office, Lilly with a large selection of products, but also salons where they can indulge in taking care of their beauty. Studio Extension is renowned salon where ladies can get the best hair treatment, and the classy Elegance Beauty Spa ranks among the best cosmetic choices in the city for its quality of service.

Decanter wine shop and bar in Belgrade Waterfront

This street is also well-known as a real little heaven for hedonists. It houses Tabacalera, an exclusive store of hand-made cigars and equipment for storing and preparing cigars, as well as Decanter shop & bar, the first wine shop in Belgrade Waterfront, with an incredible assortment of wines from all over the world. Maison Signature will enchant you with originally designed pieces of furniture and home decoration. You will also find luxury, innovation, craftmanship and timeless beauty in Jalizé Concept Store, located at the end of Brussels Street near Woodrow Wilson Boulevard.

Buddha-bar restaurant on the Sava Promenada

However, that is not all. As you approach Sava Promenada, an absolutely enchanting world of gastronomic exoticism is revealed before you, and two renowned restaurants are its most prominent representatives.

The first Buddha-Bar restaurant in the Balkans, on the corner of the Brussels Street and Sava Promenada, captured the hearts of the gourmands in Belgrade with a mix of flavors of Eastern and Western civilization and set high standards when it comes to the complete restaurant experience. With its original and unique design, which conveys the ambiance of the far reaches of Asia, a rich offer of food and drinks, a large number of seats both indoors and in the greenery-bordered garden in the immediate proximity of the river, Buddha-Bar has become a synonym for top gastronomic pleasure.

Jamie’s Italian in Belgrade Waterfront

Right next to it, there is Jamie’s Italian, the first restaurant of one of today’s most popular chefs Jamie Oliver in Serbian capital, which serves high-quality Italian food with a touch of the magic of the famous British chef.

Sava Promenada with exclusive restaurants.

And finally, cross the Sava Promenada and go out onto the deck above the river. Our recommendation is to plan for ti to happen at dusk, when the setting sun begins to cast its slepp over the Sava River.

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