The combination of first-class local ingredients and a rich culinary tradition that has been shaped for centuries under various influences has contributed to the development of a dynamic gastronomic scene in Belgrade, which attracts an increasing number of tourists every year. Recognition also came from the Michelin guide, when in 2021 the capital of Serbia was for the first time among the selected destinations that offer rich and various gastronomic experiences.

A big number of modern restaurants, similar to those in New York, Paris, and Rome, have opened in recent years on the Sava’s right bank, within Belgrade Waterfront, and here is why this destination has become an ideal place to explore the best flavors that Belgrade has to offer and what are the must-visit places:

Salon 1905

In the monumental baroque building of Geozavod, one of the most beautiful in Belgrade is placed the restaurant “Salon 1905”, and the culinary masterpieces that are created here secured it a place on the list of recommendations of the Michelin guide. Marble, bronze, and gilding in the details of interior are the ideal setting for top-quality snacks that will be served in front of you on impeccably starched tablecloths made of the finest damask. For example, start with a toasted baguette with olive tapenade and roast beef that will prepare you for the biggest surprise – goose liver pâté served with cubes of marinated pineapple, exotic jam, and delicate white cream, with toasted brioche.

Salon 1905 Belgrade Waterfront

Buddha Bar

After Paris, Monte Carlo, London, Dubai, and other world capitals, the exoticism of Asia arrived for the first time in the Balkans – directly on Sava Promenada. Buddha Bar’s menu represents a fusion of East and West, served with a mix of electronic music, ethnic rhythms and tribal sounds played live by a foreign DJ. Here, for the first time, you will bring your business partners to an informal meeting in the urban center of the city, similar to those from the popular American series Suits, which you could only imagine in Belgrade. We recommend that you take a gastronomic trip to the exotic of the Far East in the following order: foie gras, then surf and turf sushi roll, and if you manage to stick to just one set, the end is reserved for Beef Steak Tataki.

Buddha bar Belgrade Waterfront

Red Queen

The view of Belgrade’s bridges is best enjoyed on Sava Promenada with a glass of quality wine, and the Red Queen restaurant boasts a wine list that leaves even the best connoisseurs of the “drink of the gods” breathless. The restaurant offers 150 types of wine from the best world and domestic producers, of which “only” 30 can be ordered “by the glass”. Malvazija Kozlović is ideal with “Pate of a good host” (salmon and shrimp with boiled chestnut) and bruschetta with truffle spread. The charms of Red Queen especially come to the fore in the summer season, when the weekend starts on Thursday, with light open-air concerts. On the plateau of this restaurant, you will see off the last rays of the sun, which your camera lens will also adore.

Red Queeen BW


You will find some of the best restaurants in the city in Galerija, which is also considered a top gastronomic destination for this very reason. Like the other fine dining restaurants at this location, Pupin has been “relocated” from the shopping center area with interior solutions, so you won’t have the impression that the shopping bustle is just a few steps away. You will only hear the rustling of tablecloths and the clinking of plates, and the very first sight of imaginatively arranged food will tickle your taste buds. Chicken pate with strawberry jam, crispy calamari salad, and herb-crusted steak are just some of the 60 or so different flavor combinations. In an elegant interior with a view of the river, with the performance of outstanding musical stars on weekends, every night out becomes an experience to remember.


For gourmets whose palates respond best to the stunning tastes and smells of the Mediterranean, the right choice is the Bottega restaurant, which is also located in Galerija, right on the Sava’s banks. Inspired by Italy, but proud of our local ingredients, the team behind this restaurant’s menu has found the perfect blend of quality and technique in creating food that captivates all the senses. In the process of creating the menu, the chefs collaborated with foreign colleagues from the Chef for life association, which has over 200 chefs crowned with Michelin stars. Home-made pasta, different types of risotto, meat and fish dishes, French-inspired desserts, and, of course, pizza are specialties that keep guests coming back here again and again.

Belgrade Waterfront night view

It is known that for lovers of good bites, the research never ends. You can continue your gastronomic journey through distant regions and the culinary traditions of the Balkans in other restaurants within Belgrade Waterfront such as PrimaveraCottoLa CucinaGiuliaW Sushi, and many others.

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