A New Age of Wellbeing – BW Apollo

A New Age of Wellbeing – BW Apollo

As the second half of the year slowly creeps up, it may be time to review how far we’ve come with keeping the famous New Year’s resolutions. Exercising more is often at the top of the list, but we know very well that a fitness routine is hard to attain, and it is relatively easy to fall out of. One of the reasons is that the modern way of life in the city does not leave much time or the will to get back into the car after a long working day to get to the gym, swimming pool or indoor soccer ball.

It is not surprising then that the proximity to a sports center is increasingly playing a role when buying and renting an apartment. Numerous surveys conducted around the world show that 55% of buyers do not consider an apartment without a fitness center within the complex, and 82 percent consider it a great advantage. Investors have this in mind, so 9 out of 10 newly constructed buildings in the US contain a fitness center.

During the past decade, the trend of fitness centers within residential complexes has taken over the whole world, including our country, where an increasing number of buildings are springing up that emphasize an active lifestyle. Belgrade Waterfront recognizes these trends and strives to provide customers with a superb atmosphere according to the highest world standards. This is how the vision for the new BW Apollo sports center was born, which will be located in the immediate vicinity of the BW Nika residential building.

BW Apollo is designed to provide the residents of Belgrade Waterfront with a modern space for recreation and physical activity at their doorstep. The days when you finally realized that there was no parking spot in the vicinity of your gym will be finally over now.

The sports center will have all the facilities needed for an active life throughout the year, which cannot be found anywhere else in Belgrade: an indoor swimming pool, a spa center, a state-of-the-art gym, changing rooms with showers, a cafe, as well as special facilities for children’s sports activities and recreation.


When the gym is a step away, it’s easier to find an appointment for recreation even in the busiest schedule, so you can take a well-deserved break when it suits you. Companionship and mutual motivation for exercise should not be neglected either. The sports center on the doorstep will very likely become a place where residents will meet their neighbors, arrange the next joint appointment at the gym, as well as the inevitable socializing in the cafe within the BW Apollo center, while youngsters can have fun in  the children’s sports school.

With its unique position, BW Nika also provides opportunities for various types of outdoor recreation. The inner courtyard with lush greenery is ideal for relaxation in a more intimate atmosphere, and the nearby Sava Promenada offers great conditions for a relaxing walk and bike ride along the well-maintained paths that stretch through the entire settlement. In the immediate vicinity is the Sava Park, ideal for jogging and team sports on perfectly landscaped grounds.

After driving by the river, tenants can safely park their two-wheeler, as this building has a bicycle storage room, as well as all other prerequisites for a practical and safe life in the heart of the metropolis: an entrance hall with reception, security and a separate room with mailboxes, a station for pets, underground two-level garage and dedicated storage space for larger apartments. On the ground floor there are cafes, restaurants, shops and service activities, which ensures a significant saving of time when performing usual daily activities.

In short, BW Nika is an ideal place for everyone who appreciates luxury in a modern residential space, as offered by Belgrade Waterfront, but it is equally important for them that the facilities for a healthy and active lifestyle are at their fingertips. Living in the closest neighborhood of the BW Apollo sports center, they can be sure that they have made a good investment, because such facilities additionally increase the value of the property, as well as the rent price.

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