Branded residences have conquered the world, and here are the luxurious pearls that offer Belgrade Waterfront

Branded residences have conquered the world, and here are the luxurious pearls that offer Belgrade Waterfront

You have probably encountered the term “branded residences” at least once in your life, regardless of whether you passionately follow news and trends in the field of real estate or the hotel industry or not. However, have you ever wondered what that concept means, whether such extravagant residences exist in our country, and what life is like in them? Let’s take a look together.

In the simplest terms, this concept represents luxury residential properties associated with a well-known premium brand, which is synonymous with prestige and outstanding quality. Although recently they can be associated with certain fashion or automotive giants, branded residences are mostly found in the portfolio of renowned global hotel chains. These are properties owned by the customer that feature all the advantages of the hotel brand whose name they bear and offer life according to the highest hotel standards.

Branded residences can be found both in the building where the hotel of the same name is located, as well as in a separate building within the complex, but what they all have in common is that they offer the most modern concept of living for those who want a permanent hotel experience and something completely unusual.

Superior comfort, attractive design, exclusive location, spectacular surroundings, guaranteed privacy, and impeccable services are the main characteristics of branded residences that, as a completely innovative concept for our region, were first brought to the Serbian and regional real estate market by Belgrade Waterfront.

The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade

The arrival of St. Regis to Belgrade, one of the world’s most famous luxury hotel brands, with its rich heritage, shows that the Serbian capital has undoubtedly become a world-class destination for global luxury travelers. The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade, the first St. Regis branded residences in Southeast Europe, and only the second on the Old Continent, are located in Kula Belgrade, the new symbol of the capital and the tallest building in Serbia and the region. Located from the 14th to the 39th floor, branded residences offer an extremely luxurious residential experience and enjoyment in looking at Belgrade from a completely spectacular perspective.

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