The holiday time is behind us, and the beginning of the year made us think about our future decisions. Although many believe that the spring and summer times are the best for buying real estate, the new year’s resolutions are giving us determination and motivation to make significant steps just after the holidays.

When making a significant investment decision, the big question arises – will it maintain value in the years to come and how safe it will be.

If you have been thinking about this lately, keep reading the article and find out the key facts about buying real estate just after the holidays.

Real estate as a strong investment

The new beginning of the year leads us to think about possible events in the period ahead. When it comes to investment security, one should rely solely on indisputable facts. Real estate has always been one of the best ways to keep and preserve the value of money. The global pandemic has proven that even major changes at the international level have not diminished real estate value. On the contrary, they increased their value, and Belgrade Waterfront apartment purchase became an actively searched term. The apartments in the monumental Belgrade Waterfront offer unique benefits to their buyers, which make them stand out on the real estate market. The proximity of the most important city sites, rivers, airport, and highways, gives an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront timeless value. And a property that is always in demand due to its specificity brings security! Life in the most beautiful part of Belgrade is adapted to modern and fast everyday life, while at the same time, it is accompanied by the need for balance, staying in nature, and space for relaxation. The constant demand and need for innovative housing complexes built following the latest construction and design styles have led to creating a new city center.

Always available investment support

If you want to have the correct information about the change in prices in the real estate market, it is essential to have the support of a well-informed advisor. To make a good decision about your next move, you can rely on our team and check all the information to justify the purchase decision. Belgrade Waterfront sales team is here to meet all your needs and find the ideal apartment for you. If you buy an apartment in this neighborhood, every month, you will receive a newsletter with a report that shows the construction progress of the property you purchased. Thanks to the details and photos, you will get security and reliability. At any time, with our advisors, you will be able to check all possible doubts and get a piece of proper advice and insight into what interests you. Belgrade Waterfront has many impressive buildings on its offer. Based on the purpose of the property, our team will help you choose the right one and give suggestions regarding the square footage and other details. Before meeting with our sales advisor, think about your wishes and resolutely embark on the path to ownership!

Special offers for a high-value investment

Belgrade Waterfront offers everything a modern person needs for a life worth living: proximity to the city center, airport and riverbank, comfort, many attractive restaurants and cafes, a shopping center, and other business facilities. This exclusive complex combines everything necessary to balance business and private life and gives apartment owners a safe and significant property whose value does not decline. For a starting price of EUR 2,950 per square meter, including VAT, you can start living in a new Belgrade neighborhood in a short time. You can get a bank loan for your new home at an early stage of construction at a monthly installment of EUR 499. These special housing loans offers were created exclusively for Belgrade Waterfront apartment buyers.

In 2022, you can expect the completion of several new buildings in Belgrade Waterfront. Until the new residential buildings decorate the world-famous neighborhood, enjoy a walk on the Sava Promenada, where you can visit our Sales Center and learn more about the planned construction deadlines.

Apartments in the most popular buildings

BW Lumia, BW Eterna, and BW Scala have been in high demand in the past.

The cascading “BW Scala,” with a view of the landscaped inner courtyard, extends the Sava Park and is surrounded by lush greenery. Ideal for a healthy and active life, this building is in the green heart of the complex, which consists of sports and recreational facilities. Located just behind the Galerija shopping center, BW Scala has an underground garage with two-level parking, two receptions, and a garbage disposal system for each residential unit. There will also be catering and retail facilities on the ground floor for additional comfort, and it is no surprise that apartments in this building are almost sold out.

If you choose BW Eterna, your new home will be located within the “Elements” complex in the fourth row from the Sava River, in the Park District of Belgrade Waterfront – along the new road parallel to Savska Street. It has a specific geometry, and as a tenant of this eight-story building, you will enjoy direct access to a shared yard with a playground and a space for relaxation. The ground floor of the building is full of amenities in which parents and young couples will find their piece of pleasure.BW Lumia is also located in the “Elements” complex and leans half of its length on the Sava Park. On the other side, it stretches along Sava Street. With an inner courtyard and the proximity to the multifunctional sports fields, the Sava Promenada, and Galerija shopping center, your every day will be filled with additional activities. Ideal for families, BW Lumia has a kindergarten on the ground floor of the building (with a separate entrance), and the proximity to the school and playground is an added benefit.

Choose a building where you will build a bright future because the best time for shopping is when you want an ideal life for yourself and your loved ones!

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