Although the whole world was optimistic, the pandemic is not over yet, and many companies and individuals have continued to work from home. The return of office workers is delayed, and our work and private lives now live under the same roof.

Are our homes up to the task?

Remote work is bringing some significant changes

The sudden appearance of a pandemic changed the planet and forced us to change our everyday life in many ways. As cells of the organizational structure of work, offices have entirely lost their value due to circumstances. Many businesses have found and launched an online business model. Meetings and teams have moved to digital communication platforms, and almost all activities and work segments have gained their e-dimension. Starting with the simple organization of the day and the dynamics of the work itself, the business aspects of life have transformed and initiated a whole range of other changes. Living rooms and kitchens became offices overnight, and the daily rhythm adapted to work in a changed version: we don’t go to work because the work is at our home. For those who are used to gaining their work experience in the office with colleagues and in the team, this scenario brought the need for a series of adjustments, many of which were not simple. Performing critical business tasks in a crowded house or with children constantly looking for attention was a great challenge and a test of patience, tolerance, and skills.

Home office: a challenge and a necessity

Creating an “office” in the corner of your home requires improvisation that includes reorganizing the living space. A comfortable chair and work surface for a laptop, a planner, and a cup of coffee are the basic conditions in the new mode of operation. Good light, enough plug points, finding a part of the apartment where you will not disturb other household members, while at the same time they don’t bother you either… With all these preconditions, the challenge is very demanding.

For many employees, doing work at home has affected how they experience their living space and what they ask of it and created a greater desire for a home office. While some companies are delaying the return of office teams, others are deciding to stay completely remote in the years to come.

There are plenty of undeniable and completely justified reasons to think about larger living space. Working from home is no longer just a phase but a new reality that requires explicit action that is best taken as soon as possible. After trying to turn some parts of their living space into a small office and a quiet, adequate workspace, many people have realized that their effort still did not provide satisfactory results. The lack of sufficient conditions for working in one’s own home led to the conclusion: we need a separate room intended solely for work. Baring in mind that circumstances are not going to change anytime soon, you have a perfect opportunity to seize the moment and invest in a larger living space!

The benefits of working from home

Do you remember the “old life” and the early morning hours when the sound of the alarm made your stomach nervous or when thinking about Mondays made you anxious?

When getting up for a job that is only a few steps away from you, you get a completely different experience of work tasks and obligations, and the comfortable feeling of freedom grows inside of you. For example, you can always use short breaks – recommended to improve focus and concentration – to do simple household chores, write lists, make reservations, or check your private mail. In many countries, working from home has long been offered as an option, and this trend is increasingly encountered in local companies. Popular, and for the last two years, the inevitable remote working allows you to be flexible in your work and private life. It relieves you of the stress of commuting and saves you money because you do not have to travel to work, gives you the possibility to adjust the workspace to your needs, and most importantly: you will spend eight hours a day much more relaxed. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who used to rent an office space, working from home will reduce your renting costs and all the accompanying costs that this type of engagement implies.

Belgrade Waterfront apartments are an ideal home office – and here is why

If your home does not meet the home office requirements, it is the right time to consider buying a new property that will improve your working conditions and life in general. Comfortable apartments in a new BW Lumia building are ideal for transforming one of the rooms into your office, and living in Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood will fulfill all your wishes and needs of modern, urban life. The limited number of apartments in BW Lumia is oriented towards the impressive panorama of the old town, and the spacious terraces are ideal for work in the summer months and when the temperatures are not too low. Working from home just got a whole new dimension of beauty! The inner courtyards and greenery will help you maintain focus, and their picturesque appearance is perfect for enjoying a work break. With half of its length, this building of impressive architecture leans on the Sava Park, while on the other side, it is comfortably located along Savska Street, the future most attractive street of the capital. In an apartment like this, with a beautiful environment in the heart of the city, combining private and work life is easy and simple!

If you decide to buy an apartment in BW Lumia, housing loans created specifically for Belgrade Waterfront will significantly relieve your financial planning. Obtaining this housing loan will allow you to purchase your new living and working space at the same time. The best part is that these loans are available at an early stage of construction, with a monthly installment rate starting at EUR 499. Don’t miss this great offer to improve your quality of work and life with just one wise move!

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