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    “Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” These words of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world’s greatest architects, seem to be more important today than ever before.

    Our homes have a huge impact on our well-being and a sense of fulfillment, so they need to be designed based on the unique needs of the time that we live in. One of the characteristics of the modern age is certainly the aspiration of living an urban life in big cities, accompanied by the need for everything to be within arm’s reach.

    However, all those who strive for this lifestyle in lively and bustling cities, at the same time want to be surrounded by the impeccable silence of nature and things that bring peace and balance. As the speed of life can be overpowering, that exact balance was one of the main goals that inspired the Belgrade Waterfront project.

    People around the world long for the perfect home in a city surrounded by greenery, where you do not have the impression of living in a metropolis. It has become a must for retailers to state the average green area around a building when it comes to describing a real-estate located in the city center.

    According to the research by the American Global Wellness Institute, contemporary apartment design is becoming increasingly important to achieve an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Besides the functionality and use of premium materials, a modern housing unit should include all features for different lifestyles. Having that in mind, living space goes beyond the ordinary definition of home and represents a new holistic concept, providing everything you need in a single place to live a blissful life.

    Although many will say that it all seems something we could expect in the distant future, we are proud to say that Serbia is still keeping pace with the rest of the world. A good example is our new residential building BW Quartet, which brings the old town spirit to the new town center. 

    Designed according to the latest trends, BW Quartet is located in Park District and stretches alongside the Sava Park, offering a stellar view of the park and greenery, to which it has direct access. The new building will be the first eight-story in Belgrade Waterfront, with a façade that brings the spirit of typical central European streets. It offers 232 bright and beautiful apartments of various sizes – from studio to three-bedroom apartments. All of them have terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows that bring a bunch of natural light.

    To follow an active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle, residents have countless opportunities for recreation and relaxation – a picnic in the park, cycling in the park, a walk by the river, together with an abundance of cultural, commercial, and entertainment facilities nearby.

    In this exciting environment, residents of BW Quartet will enjoy the Galerija Belgrade – the largest shopping destination in the region, as well as the breath-taking view from the Kula Belgrade, the future tallest building in Serbia.

    BW Quartet is the embodiment of our contemporary needs, it feels the pulse of modern times and presents the perfect home for happy and fulfilled days – all in the center of major city happenings.