The Sava bridges that connect the old part of the city with the new one occupy a special place in the panorama of Belgrade, so together with the river they represent the perfect background for unique works of art that will decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces of Belgrade Waterfront. The Heart of Belgrade sculpture was installed in the Galerija at the end of February – the first in a series of winning works at the Become a Part of KvArt competition. The five-and-a-half-meter high sculpture by the artist Jelena Stepanov takes the heart as a universal symbol that has the same meaning in all cultures around the world: it is a symbol of love, friendship, generosity, and compassion. The new heart of Belgrade is big, shiny, and red, modeled after the traditional Slavic licider heart made of sugar and dough, which is given as a souvenir as a sign of sincere love. As the heart is at the center of every being, the artist’s idea is to make The Heart of Belgrade a gathering place for all its residents and visitors.

Heart sculpture

Art as part of everyday life

The artistic scene on the Sava’s bank has revived in recent years thanks to the cultural and artistic initiative KVART Belgrade Waterfront. It was created with the idea that the largest construction project in the region is developed as a unique space that integrates art with a modern way of life. Within this project, support was provided for artistic events such as plays, concerts, or dances, and the goal of theBecome a Part of KvArtcompetition is to support local creativity in all its creative forms. Through a major art competition that has never been seen in our area, Belgrade Waterfront together with artists creates not only impressive locations but also first-class art destinations that people will return to again and again. With this project, the urban core of the city is being developed, which will make art a part of the everyday life of the residents of Belgrade and all its guests. Apart from the exceptional prize fund, the competition stood out as a unique opportunity for our artists to realize their visions within the Belgrade Waterfront, in places where thousands of people can see their works. Thus, this project will contribute to the attractiveness of the entire capital, giving a boost to our artists and the Serbian contemporary art scene.

Creative achievements that respect the heritage

The Heart of Belgrade was the first of the eight solutions that the expert jury, with the advice of our most eminent curators and art historians, chose in the first round, and thirteen more will be awarded. The Belgrade Waterfront company will finance the realization of the most creative and original ideas for art installations, sculptures, and contemporary furniture that will enhance the urban space. In addition to outdoor festivals and performances, artworks in public spaces promote the city’s artistic production in the best way. Therefore, the selected works will represent the most exceptional and daring creative achievements of the contemporary art scene, which at the same time respect the Serbian cultural heritage, the heritage of the City of Belgrade, and the natural heritage. By supporting the development of fine arts, we create a more beautiful, cosmopolitan Belgrade. We will translate all creative potential into visible works that connect the vision for the future with the urban iconography and history of Belgrade.

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