U ovoj zgradi bi svako želeo da stanuje – u komšiluku Muzeja Nikole Tesle i nove zelene pijace

U ovoj zgradi bi svako želeo da stanuje – u komšiluku Muzeja Nikole Tesle i nove zelene pijace

The map of an city is drawn not only by its streets and boulevards, but also by landmarks that are recognizable even without specifying the address. Some of these designations become common knowledge, while some are your intimate code understood only by those closest to you.

Beograd na vodi BW Vizia

Exactly such landmarks – world-famous, but also yours alone – are being created in the part of the Belgrade map that is currently being drawn, accross from the renovated BIGZ building, separated from Vojvoda Misic Boulevard and Gazela by lush greenery, close to the river. That is why life in the new Belgrade Waterfront building, BW Vizia, is not only living according to world standards, but also a long list of items that define your address:

Nikola Tesla Museum – Imagine your first neighbor is one of the most famous scientists in the world, or at least, his impressive legacy. This is exactly what will be located just a few steps from your home, in the building of the former Paper Mill by Milan Vapa, which will, after the planned reconsturction, cativate both with its exterior and contents that showcase and celebrate the achievements of the great Tesla. These contents, among other things, include an archive with almost 164 thousand documents, a personal library, as well as original technical items from the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. By moving to the space it deserves, the Nikola Tesla Museum will become one of the most important cultural landmarks of the city. Last year, about 170 thousand people visited this museum, and with the new, more accessible location, the number of visitors is expected to increase.

Zamislite da vam je prvi komšija jedan od najčuvenijih naučnika na svetu ili, bar, njegova impresivna zaostavština. Upravo to će se nalaziti na samo nekoliko koraka od vašeg doma, u zgradi nekadašnje Fabrike hartije Milana Vape, koja će po planiranoj rekonstrukciji pleniti i spoljašnjim izgledom i sadržajima koji prikazuju i slave dostignuća velikog Tesle.

4-star hotel – New hotel next to Gazela will contribute to the international reputation of the BW Vizia’s address. Thanks to it, the value of the BW Vizia apartments will increase, and you will get the confirmation that the purchase of an Belgrade Waterfront apartment is an investment that is well worth it.

Linijski park BW

Linear park – The esplanade that connects New Belgrade with Topcider will pass very close to the BW Vizia. The most attractive part of this esplanade will be the Railway Bridge, which will be transformed into the green pedestrian walkway, with resting places and viewpoints, for a special experience of the river and city skyline.

BW panorama

Green market – What the famous La Boqueria is for Barcelona, a new, semi-opened green market next to Gazela will be for Belgrade – a place to socialize in a casual surrounding that includes market stalls, restaurants and many fun events for all ages. For everything that cannot be bought at the market, there is Galerija. The biggest regional shopping and entertainment destination is a 10-minute walk away and offers many amenities, including 300 shops, more than 50 restaurants and cafes, from fast food to fine dining, the only IMAX cinema in Serbia and numerous exciting attractions.

School, kindergarten, medical centre… – BW Vizia is an ideal surrounding for families, because all amenities for the best education and carefree upbringing are in vicinity.

Lozionica – Another architecturally interesting building that is being given a new life and purpose – a new multifunctional centre for art, creativity and innovations.

Beograd na vodi dvorište

Sports facilities – BW Vizia is a real centre of active lifestyle, where you can play an unplanned basketball game with your neighbors on the court in front of the building, try urban climbing thanks to the climbing rock, do a morning jog on the path around your block, as well as choosing whether to do your strength training in the outdoor gym or in the one located in the nearby BW Nova building. A real treat for sporty types are the new courts for the inccreasingly popular padel, situated under the Gazela.

Nova zgrada BW Vizia

Inner courtyard – in addition to the listed sports facilities, we are sure you will create those intimate landmarks in the landscaped courtyard in front of the building – the children’s playground where your little one learned to walk, the shade of tall trees where you spent an unforgettable summer, the bench where the world ceased to exist for a moment and only that person who was sitting next to you remained…

No doubt that all this makes buying an apartment in BW Vizia one of the best decisions for those who want to live in peacefull surrounding, enriched with cultural treasures and a safe investment for the future. The vision of your perfect future is located in an attractive environment, at a new city address.

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