December brings us the anticipation of the holidays, the scent of winter, and that well-known tucked-in atmosphere that quietly tiptoed into everyday life and spread joy. New Year has always been the symbol of the long-awaited realization of dreams, and the last month of the year is also ideal for decorating your home.

The festive mood is all around you

City squares and outdoor events are now popular “destinations” for the night of December 31st and are the essence of the holidays. The atmosphere that reigns in the main streets and homes in those days is something that you will remember all year round. There is an old belief that whatever energy you bring to New Year’s Eve will follow you for the whole year, so choose wisely how you will welcome it!December is dedicated to decorating everything, from the smallest details to the Christmas tree, and January is reserved for pure enjoyment! Planning and packing gifts, organizing family or friends’ gatherings, joint arrangements for the New Year and Christmas dinner, and eventual travel planning – create a unique feeling of peace and harmony expected of the winter holidays. Love that can be felt almost in the air at the end of the year is the most beautiful decor of every living space, street, and meeting.

Decorate your home according to the latest trends

As the winter season approaches – shows, magazines, web portals, and social networks are full of different ideas for ornamenting and decorating your home. Trends change from year to year, and a house decorated with style does not go out of fashion. This holiday, a classic New Year’s decoration of red and green colors, is still popular. If you want to try something different, go with the metallic and golden shades that symbolize luxury and give the impression of the unusual and aristocratic. Earthy terracotta tones combined with black, white, magnetic blue and emerald green, and olive and caramel colors are at the top of the list of interior designer proposals. They give the space a sophisticated look! Whatever you choose, you will undoubtedly include light bulbs and lanterns – this detail makes the holidays wonderful and irreplaceable. Choose a maximum of three colors for decorations, add your favorite lamps, and get Christmas-themed utensils, cups, bowls, a wreath, blankets, et voila! Essential items of the holiday decoration of the apartment are here.

Magic in every corner and moment

The organization of the apartment and living space largely determines the holiday decoration and dictates the planning of the position of decorative items and the Christmas tree. Comfortable apartments that can be found on the real estate market today are ideal for modern, contemporary decorating and leave room to experiment with shapes and colors. To live a fairy tale during December and January, try to “dress up” every square of your home in the spirit of winter celebration. Maybe it’s a doormat with a reindeer shape, the top of a spoon in the form of a snowflake, a Christmas-themed pillow in the living room, checkered bedding, puffy slippers, or decorative napkins – there are many ways to weave magic into everyday life! Don’t forget about your pets – replace their sleeping baskets with holiday ones and give them those cute reindeer ears or Santa Claus hat! The magic of the holidays begins in us, and at our homes, it gets its true glow!

Photos as the most valuable memory and the most beautiful decoration

Every year you say: I will print the photos! But most likely, your images remain trapped in your smartphone and are often deleted without being printed? Let your New Year’s duty be saving the best holiday moments on photo paper. Use these paper memories to decorate your home, and there is your idea for a mood board or a photo wall that will have its special place in the apartment. These lovely moments can get their place on the wall chronologically or according to an arbitrary schedule; it is up to you. Their role will be to bring a smile back to your face and garnish your home with the most beautiful possible decoration: the emotions of the people you love the most! Choose suitable frames, find the part of the apartment or shelf on which the photos would best fit, and get to work! Maybe along the way you will find pictures from last year’s celebrations, birthdays and parties and make a collage, who knows?

Festive magic through the eyes of the youngest

Do you remember your childhood experience of New Years’ Eve and the story that follows the most popular celebration in the world? From the perspective of the youngest, the holiday season is magical because it gathers the whole family, brings the most beautiful moments of togetherness and warmth, fulfills wishes and surprises with gifts. How to design the home so that children can enjoy the holidays? Depending on their age, choose a decoration that changes colors and can reproduce sound. Boys and girls especially love New Year’s and Christmas stories about Santa Claus, his helpers, and reindeer. Find Santa-shaped toys, place them somewhere in the apartment and watch the children’s enthusiasm! Their happiness will be immeasurable if you find talking toys that can repeat movements or words. Kids also enjoy creative details and activities. You can make Christmas cookies together, write a letter to Santa and make a wish list for gifts. Family gatherings during holidays are ideal for teaching your children the true values ​​and importance of feeling good in your own home. Be brave and creative, although the strictest critics – children are the most loyal audience and the most attentive observers!

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And what happens in the end?

The main ingredient of hot chocolate or tea that we drink while watching the New Year’s tree – is the Christmas playlist! The well-known voice of Frank Sinatra should be followed by songs performed by Perry Como, Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, and the undisputed Elvis Presley. Make your own YouTube holiday playlist, sit back, and click: PLAY.

The holidays begin!

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