Stories of our residents – BW Metropolitan

Stories of our residents – BW Metropolitan

Moving into a new apartment is always a remarkable chapter in people’s lives. From the initial plan to the moment when you eagerly insert the key into the lock for the first time, it is one long journey. Nataša, a resident of the BW Metropolitan building, talks about what that experience looks like in Belgrade Waterfront, the most desirable location for living in Belgrade.

Nataša and her husband decided to buy an apartment in Belgrade Waterfront completely spontaneously – during a walk along the Sava Promenada, which they always visit when they come to Serbia from Switzerland with their three daughters. Belgrade Waterfront caught their attention because of, as she says, the “modern and urban” style that the project exudes.

“We liked everything – the location, the proximity to the Kula Belgrade, the fact that it is the new center of Belgrade, and especially the apartments located on high floors. We are urban and modern, and we had the opportunity to consider other locations in the capital, but Belgrade Waterfront attracted the most attention,” Nataša recalls.

Their “journey” began with a meeting with the Belgrade Waterfront sales agents. They were presented with a detailed presentation of the BW Metropolitan apartment and booked it without hesitation. Nataša notes that they completed the entire process while staying in Switzerland and had no problems “remotely” working out all the details regarding the apartment reservation. The contract signing came a few months later. From that moment on, the Belgrade Waterfront regularly updated them on the progress of the works, monitoring the situation on the ground together with Nataša and her husband.

Belgrade Waterfront did not attract them only because of the quality of the real estate, but because of the numerous facilities that are available to residents at their fingertips. Nataša’s three daughters love the nearby parks and children’s playgrounds in the region’s largest shopping center, Galerija.

“We used to come every year before we moved in.” Sava Promenada is great, as is the area around the Kula Belgrade, and when we saw how many parks there are in the area, we were delighted. Wherever we go with our daughters, we cannot be bored. They could sleep in Cosmo Fun,” says Nataša with a smile.

Belgrade Waterfront as the first mixed-use project in Serbia brought an innovative housing concept to the capital, such as can be found in some of the most beautiful European metropolises. Regardless of the building’s location within the Belgrade Waterfront, nearby parks are just a few minutes walk away. In the immediate vicinity is the magnificent Sava Square, then the new symbol of the city and the tallest building in the region, the Kula Belgrade, and soon the construction of the most modern sports center BW Apollo will begin, which will allow residents and visitors to enjoy the indoor pool, spa center and rooms for recreation and physical activity.

Belgrade Waterfront is also distinguished by the fact that each of the residential buildings has a reception desk, a maintenance and security service, a landscaped inner courtyard, and a dedicated parking lot, which solves one of the capital’s biggest problems.

Today, as she moves into her apartment, Nataša points out that the view from the 14th floor of the BW Metropolitan building is “more beautiful than she could have imagined” and admits that she cried tears of happiness when she first entered her new apartment.

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