The magic of spring smells and tastes on the Sava Promenada

The magic of spring smells and tastes on the Sava Promenada

We hope that the first, wavering part of spring has finally passed and that pleasant, sunny days are ahead that reveal Belgrade in all its beauty. And just as New Yorkers at this time rush to take a seat in one of the colorful cafes and restaurants on the promenade by the Hudson River, Belgraders find their new favorite place for the most beautiful moments outdoors – Sava Promenada.

On the right bank of the Sava, within the Belgrade Waterfront neighborhood, there are many cafes and restaurants where you will feel like you are in a movie – either because of the level of service or the overall ambiance. That’s why we suggest you take advantage of the good weather and embark on an adventure of discovering the most beautiful smells and tastes of Belgrade, on the most beautiful promenade in the city.

Morning macchiato or afternoon latte

Is Sava Promenada more beautiful in the morning, late afternoon, or evening? It is difficult to answer this question because every time of the day has its charms. The picturesque cafés with sunny gardens lined up next to each other are certainly the best place in the city in the spring for a morning macchiato or an afternoon latte. Start at the Kafeterija, where more than 15 unique types of coffee from all over the world await you, then the next morning try the aromas of selected coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Guatemala in the gardens of the cafe in Galerija. Crispy buttery croissants go best with a cup of coffee. Or dream about one of these destinations with already well-tried coffee flavors from Coffee Dream. You can also start your little morning ritual of drinking coffee in the unique atmosphere of La Casa de Caffe. Cross makes them with the finest creamy filling – just enough for a perfect morning with a soothing view of the river, on which the rays of the morning sunshine.

Kafeterija in Belgrade Waterfront on the Sava Promenade

Spring is the ideal time of year to enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors. The pleasant temperature, the gentle breeze, and the rush of vivid colors and fragrances spreading in all directions give a whole new dimension to this experience. Take advantage of your lunch break and pop over to Galerija, to one of the Bottega, La Cucina, or Primavera restaurants, and after work stop by Cotto with your colleagues for their famous tiramisu. Once you smell the unsurpassed aromas of Italian cuisine there, chances are you’ll want to stay for dinner. Keep in mind that phenomenal entertainment with live music awaits you in addition to excellent food and wine on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want to spend a quiet evening together, the right place for you is Diverzija restaurant, where you can enjoy acoustic jazz evenings or Spanish guitar evenings, watching the sunset by the river.

Exotics of the Far East on the Sava

You can continue your gastronomic journey through distant regions and culinary traditions of the Balkans at the first opportunity in some of the most beautiful gardens in the city – Red Queen, Buddha Bar, Savanova – with a view of probably the most beautiful sunset in the city. Red Queen’s wine list with 150 types of wines from the best world and local wineries is not for the faint of heart, but know that salmon and shrimp with boiled chestnuts go well with Istrian Malvasia. Buddha Bar is the right place for a gastronomic trip to the exotic of the Far East and a great location for an informal business lunch that will blow your business partners off their feet. Choose sushi or steak tataki if their famous foie gras is too strong for a spring day.

Red Queen restaurant in Belgrade Waterfront on the Sava Promenade

Do you know where the best matinee parties in town take place? On the Sava, of course, with a view of the Belgrade bridges and the Kula Belgrade – the new symbol of the Serbian capital. Every day is an opportunity to have an unforgettable time, all you have to do is head down to the river for a late lunch or an early dinner. You will also find inspiring gardens with a view of the sunset in Galerija, which is considered a top gastronomic destination precisely because of this.

At Pupin, count on phenomenal cocktails and specialties such as chicken pate with strawberry jam, crispy squid salad, and herb-crusted steak. When it comes to a larger company, Italian cuisine is playing it safe. Explore the succulent cuisine of the Veneto region at Restaurant Giulia. The chef’s trademark is handmade, juicy, and fresh ravioli filled with beef tail, served with a delicious carrot and eggplant cream.

For a spring gastronomic trip around Serbia, we recommend a family lunch in the garden of the Kolo restaurant, serving traditional local cuisine. For starters, order a meze with two types of prosciutto, Sremac kulen, smoked neck, and mango bacon, or a selection of aged cheeses that includes Pirot cheese, the famous cheese from Sjenica and delicate sheep and goat cheeses with pepper and truffles.

If you come to lunch with your pet, he will be a welcome guest at the Momi restaurant, and you can get ready for an explosion of colors and flavors on your plate. Don’t miss the glazed duck breast from the Josper oven with brown rice and mixed mushrooms. After a walk after lunch, which is always pleasant, stop at the Avenia restaurant on the Fragoleto. This dessert with almond and hazelnut crusts and strawberries with yogurt cream and white chocolate will round off a perfect spring day.

This is just a part of everything that awaits you at the new favorite meeting place of Belgraders and all their guests. So schedule your spring trip to the river now and get ready for moments – and photos – that will be remembered.

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