How the injustice against the last Serbian queen was rectified in Belgrade Waterfront

How the injustice against the last Serbian queen was rectified in Belgrade Waterfront

Numerous newly built streets in Belgrade Waterfront are named after significant historical figures, whose unforgettable deeds testified to the great love both for the Serbian people and Serbia, as well as for its capital. One of such personalities was certainly the tragically martyred Queen Draga Obrenovic, the only Serbian queen who did not have a street in Belgrade until recently.

That great historical injustice was rectified only in 2021, when one of the streets on the Sava riverbank was named after her, with the desire to honor the first Serbian woman in the position of queen after the Kosovo battle and preserve the memory of the wife of King Aleksandar Obrenovic.

Ulice Beograda na vodi

Queen Draga Obrenovic Street, which symbolically connects the era from which the last Obrenovic royal couple originated, with contemporary Belgrade, embodied in the construction of the most modern neighborhood in the country, stretches from Woodrow Wilson Boulevard to Sava Promenada and is the closest to the Old Sava Bridge.

As the project progresses and expands, it will also be extended in the eastern part, all the way to the future Luka Celovic Street in the hinterland of Sava Square, where the consturction of a state-of-the-art public elementary school and a public kindergarten recently commenced.

Panorama Beograda na vodi

In other words, this street will in the near future lead directly to Sava Promenada from the educational campus, as well as the nearby metro station where the first two underground lines will cross. In the middle of this almost 400 metres long and around 25 metres wide street, there is a dividing island with a row of trees. In addition to modern LED lighting and rest benches, the street also has a significant number of parking spaces, including those for people with disabilities, and a bicycle path also passes through it.

BW dvorište

Although the street itself is not too long, the walk along it can be longer if you decide to explore what it has to offer. An inner courtyard with a children’s playground is tucked away between BW Simfonija 1 and 2 residential buildings, and across the street there is a landscaped area between the BW Terra and BW Aria buildings, perfect for everyday small neighborly talks.

BW zalazak sunca sa reke

Sophisticated life by the river will soon take on a new meaning, when the new residential building BW Victoria will spring up on the corner of Sava Promenada and Queen Draga Obrenovic Street. Living at the winning address includes a swimming pool, spa and wellness centre, Residential Club, architecture that combines contemporary style and the traditional spirit of the city, as well as a powerful view of the river.

On your way to Sava Promenada, you will come accross the Zephyr Med Spa with the state-of-the-art devices that care for the beauty and health of your skin, and a few steps further, you will find the top-tier ceramics at Porcelanosa.

The smell of fresh coffee tells you that you have reached the end of Queen Draga Obrenovic Street, but not the end of the walk. At the corner with Sava Promenada, there is a popular Kafeterija with a rich assortment of different types of coffee. And from there, along the riverbank, there are numerous restaurants and cafes with the gardens overlooking the river.

Kafeterija Beograd na vodi

The Queen Draga Street is also known as the address of the best New Years’ celebrations in Serbia, because it is there, on the plateau next to the Old Sava Bridge, that the best NY party has been organized for several years now. Thus, at the end of 2023, thousands of people cruised this street in order to enjoy the sounds of Sara Jo, Frajle and Dejan Petrovic, as well as the unreal fireworks and impressive laser show from Kula Belgrade.

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