Do you know which Serbian great man the street connecting Sava Square and Kula Belgrade is named after?

Do you know which Serbian great man the street connecting Sava Square and Kula Belgrade is named after?

Without respecting history and preserving the memory of the greats who have indebted us with their immortal deeds in the past, there is no the bright future. Guided by this universal life moto, by building the most modern settlement in Serbia, Belgrade Waterfront didn’t fail to connect the entire right riverbank of Sava with new roads that represent a kind of tribute to famous historical figures.

In this fusion of bygone times, modern trends and the future, Belgrade Waterfront paid special respect to the leader Djordje Stratimirovic, who only in 2022, exactly 200 years after his birth, got his own street in the capital of Serbia and a memorial plaque in it. Thus, Belgrade Waterfront not only corrected a great historical injustice, but also revived the memory of this unjustly forgotten leader in a dignified way.

Ulica Đorđa Stanimirovića

Djordje Stratimirovic was the supreme commander of the Serbian army and the first Prime Minister in Serbian Vojvodina from 1848 to 1849. This great strategist and nobleman was a close associate of the rulers from dynasties of Petrovic, Karadjordjevic and Obrenovic, the first laureat of the Obilic medal, and numerous other high honors. He is one of the most deserving people that Vojvodina is still under the auspices of the borders of Serbia.

The Leader Djordje Stratimirovic Street stretches from the future Luka Celovic Street in the back of the Sava Square, to the plateau in front of Kula Belgrade and is located in the heart of Belgrade Waterfront, between Queen Draga Obrenovic and Bruxelles Street on one side, and Nikolai Kravtsov Street on the other. Currently, the section between Woodrow Wilson Boulevard and Hercegovacka Street is in function, but there is no doubt that once the development is advanced, this will be one of the nicest and most comprehensive streets in Belgrade Waterfront.


At the beginning of this road, behind Sava Square, there will be the most modern educational campus in the country consisting of a public primary school with bilingual education and a public kindergarten. Just a few steps from there, the masterpiece of the „Serbian Gaudi“ Momir Korunovic, the Old Post Office building, will soon shine in its full glory and dimension. After thorough reconstruction, it will be transformed into a Cultural Centre with an interactive children’s museum, theatre stage, galleries and art workshops for the young ones.


In Leader Djordje Stratimirovic Street, there are facilities for the youngest fellow citizens – the kindergarten Futurino 2, special educational system Malac Genijalac, as well as La Classe dance studio, where both young and older citizens develop the love for dance. The living in surrounding buildings is really adapted to the modern family, since nearby there are bank branches, Shop&Go market, organic food store Demetrin vrt, Juice Bar, snack&coffee bar Diverzija, Lulu bakery. Richly equipped Pet Centar, K&A Enterijer and ceramics salon Atlas Concorde are also there.


In addition to connecting a historic with newly built part of the city, The Leader Djordje Stratimirovic Street, the outlines of which are yet to be recognizable, will certainly be one of the greenest roads in the city. Lush greenery and trees are located both on the dividing island in the middle of the street, and along the neatly paved sidewalks on both sides, which will connect it to the plateau in front of Kula Belgrade in an aesthetically effective way. Also, the street abounds with urban, green pockets between buildings and on open spaces, of which the green corner in front of the BW Aurora building and the Futurino 2 kindergarten stands out for its beauty.


Along the street, there are bicycle path, rest benches, modern LED lighting, as well as planters in which the plants are changed four times a year, depending on the season.

As it is said that the thread adorns the work, so this street, on top of all the amenities, will soon be adorned by the BW Perla residential building, a unique pearl of modern architecture on the riverfront, that will offer its residents the pinnacle of cosmopolitan life in Belgrade.

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