“Be a winner” in Sava Park with Nadja and Nevena from Survivor

“Be a winner” in Sava Park with Nadja and Nevena from Survivor

Be a Winner sports event is underway, taking place from September 18th to October 16th in the Sava Park of Belgrade Waterfront.

It is a competition for children aged seven to ten, whose coaches are the winner of this year’s Survivor Serbia, Nevena Blanuša, and the third-placed Nađa Erić.

During the four weeks of the event Be the winner, two competitive teams compete for victory and numerous prizes. After warming up with sports and music animation and a mini knowledge quiz, the captains were chosen, and then Nadja and Nevena chose their team members. Team competition in sports and entertainment games is modeled after the competitions in the popular TV show Survivor. The winning team is announced each week based on the number of points collected.

So far, two sports competitions out of a total of four have been held, and the next two dates are 15 and 16 October from 11 AM to 1 PM. Be a winner event is an ideal opportunity to give your children the opportunity to strengthen their sportsmanship together with their favorite role models, in one of the most beautiful green oases in Belgrade. Valuable prizes await all participants.

Event date

15. October 2022. 11:00:00 - 16. October 2022. 13:00:00


Sava Park, Sava Park, Belgrade, Serbia.

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